Custom Dad Caps, 3D Embroidery Personalized 6 Panels Dad Hats Cotton Twill (Camo)

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Two key knowledge points to pay attention to when wearing dad hat.

What kind of head wears what kind of hat

The first mistake in wearing a dad hat is to put it on your head when you think it’s beautiful, regardless of whether it’s fit or not.

Therefore, the minimum requirement to wear dad hat out of taste is to know how to choose a hat according to the size of your head.

Many people think that wearing a hat is to look at the face, but wearing a hat is only related to the size of the head. If the length of the head is more than half of the shoulder width and the width of the face is more than one third of the shoulder width, the head is large, otherwise the head is small.

Now let’s introduce what kind of “brim” and “back buckle” styles are suitable for you according to the two situations of big head and small head.

People with large heads should wear adjustable back buckle dad hat

The back buckle is a key to determine the matching degree between the hat and the head circumference. The common dad hat is divided into elastic back buckle and adjustable back buckle. People with big heads are not suitable for the former.

Because most of the elastic back buckle is only suitable for the average size of normal and smaller head circumference, that is, even if the tightness is adjusted to the maximum, people with large head will still wear it small, which is not only inconvenient to wear and take off, but also ugly and uncomfortable.

People with small heads should wear curved eaves dad hat

Brim style is the decisive factor in whether a hat looks good or not. People with small heads are only suitable for curved brims, and they must not choose flat brims.

Because the brim without radian will visually make the front of the hat look very wide, and the radian of the curved brim can well fit the curve of the head, and the head can be supported when the head is small.

Choose the right color and material according to your dressing style

The second mistake of as like as two peas, the same must be worn, even the color and fabric must be exactly the same as that person, for fear that others will not follow the trend.

This is the behavior without personal aesthetics. If you see others wearing green hats and wear them yourself, how can you wear them with good looks and taste?

Therefore, the second step to avoid vulgarity is to choose the right color and material according to your own dressing style and the texture of the hat itself. It’s important to be yourself, but you can’t fool around without reason. You should also match it reasonably.

The color of the hat should not be dazzling

As a accessory, the baseball cap’s only function is to “add icing on the cake” and enrich the overall shape, so as to be Chinese but not obvious, simple but not vulgar. Therefore, the color of the hat must not be eye-catching, but choose one of the colors of the clothes to look low-key and not gaudy.

The hat material cannot be polyester mesh

The material of the hat should also be consistent with that of the clothes, otherwise it will look very abrupt. If you don’t know how to choose, choose felt surface and pure cotton surface. These two materials can usually match perfectly with clothes of any fabric.

Shape:customStructured, unstructured or any other shape
Material:customContton, acrylic, wool, polyester,canvas, microfiber, fast dry fabric, nylon mesh, foam etc.
Back Closure:customPlastic snapback, metal buckle, velcro closure, leather straps any other closure you want
Color:customStandard colors are available (special colors are available based on pantone color cards)
Size:customNormally 48cm-55cm for kids, 56cm-60cm for adults
Logo DesigncustomFlat & 3D embroidery, silkscreen, heat press printing, laser cut, woven patch, metal patch, rubber patch, heat-melting rhinestone, double printing, appliqué, inner mesh layer, inner lining etc.
Label:customHang tags, size labels, wash labels, woven labels etc.
Packing:custom25pcs with 1 pp bag per box, 50pcs with 2 pp bags per box, 100pcs with 4 pp bags per box
Price:Depends on the quantity and quality
Payment Methods:PayPal,Western Union,T/T, D/A
Delivery Methods:Express (DHL, FedEx, UPS), by air, by sea, by trucks, by rails

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