What to think about before buying a hat?

Hats are gradually appearing in our lives. Using hats with fashion has also become an option for us. How do I wear hats? The custom hat factory aungcrown tells you some issues to consider when wearing hats. First, analyze the issues to consider when wearing a big hat:1. It is suitable for wearing a ski … Continued

do you know how to choose men’s hats

Autumn comes unknowingly, and away from the sweltering summer, you can go out with your hat. Going out with a hat can make your personal dress style more prominent and obvious in the crowd. Baseball cap:Baseball caps are the most popular item in everyday life. It is mainly made of canvas, which looks tough and … Continued

How to match the color of the hat and clothes

The first is matching with the same color. It is simply understood that the color of the hat is the same as the clothing. The purpose of this is to make people look harmonious from head to toe. If you choose a white hat, it is matched with black clothing. Suddenly, if it is a … Continued

How to choose sweatband woven lable when customizing hats

Generally, the sweatband woven lable will use the same fabric as the top strip, and some high-grade baseball caps, especially the finished washed baseball caps, will use the cloth and the hat itself, as a fabric for some sports performance indicators, such as sweat absorption. Oriented towel sweat band, elastic band with better elasticity, etc. … Continued

How to match hats in spring

The matching of spring hats, the form and color of the hats are matched with the clothing. Choose hats with the same material as the clothes. Tips on matching the hats. The contrast color combination is the key to fashion. When the color difference between the hat and the clothes is large, it may appear … Continued

How to choose an outdoor hat?

The hat, which has a wide range of functions, has become one of the indispensable equipment in the outdoor. Modern outdoor hats are not only sun-proof, waterproof, but also insect-proof. Their choices are also diverse, complicated and cumbersome, and their choice and use have always troubled some people. Based on my personal hat experience, I … Continued

How can hats be more popular?

As we all know, a hat is enough to solve many problems, not only can shade, show a small face, and most importantly, in the summer a hat is definitely your heightening artifact. Look1. Baseball cap White short sleeves and irregular gray skirts are full of sporty girly, but the color match is a bit … Continued

Corona Virus Situation Reports from Aung Crown

Dear Customer: Here is Kailyn from Aung Crown factory. Firstly thank you for your trusting and choosing us as your supplier.  Due to the SARS Coronavirus,  I sepcailly write the email to report you about the Corona virus situation.  I think you may heard of the Corona Virus happened recently in China. It is a sad event … Continued

What material is good for knitted hats

Knitted hat materials are as diverse as the types. Common materials are wool hats and velvet knitted hats. The wool used for woolen hats usually refers to the yarn spun from wool. There are also threads spun from different types of chemical fiber materials, such as acrylic fiber, polyester fiber, and cotton. Different types of … Continued

How to choose the baby hat

The role of children wearing hats is to keep warm in winter and heatstroke in summer, and choose good styles as beautiful decorations. How to choose a hat for your childChoice of hats and knowledge of how to wear themChildren’s skulls are constantly growing, so choose a slightly wider hat. Size reference: baby cap is … Continued