What should we pay attention to when wearing a hat?

Hats are getting more and more into everyone’s life, sun protection in summer and warmth in winter. There are also some celebrations or some banquets that will choose the right hat to dress up. When you wear a hat, what else do you need to pay attention to? During the day, if men enter the … Continued

Learn about baseball caps and wear different styles

Baseball caps have been developed along with baseball and are very popular in the United States. Most of the players who defend the first team in the game wear a baseball cap, so many fans will wear their favorite hats. After the popularity, it is not only the hat of the baseball team, but now … Continued

How to match a hat in summer?

If you fall in love with a hat with a rounded brim, remember that the color of the brim needs to match your skin tone. The wool felt hat is perfectly matched, very natural brown, and it is harmonious with her skin color, hair color, and clothing color, so it does not capture the focus … Continued

Which is better for custom hats and spot hats?

Which is better for custom hats and spot hats? I believe that everyone wants to know this problem. The time of customizing the hat is long enough to affect the delivery time. The short spot time and the quality are not guaranteed, so everyone chooses to worry about the choice of custom hats and spot … Continued

How should we wear a hat in life?

As we all know, hats can play a great role in keeping warm in our lives. Nowadays adults and children can’t live without it. It can be said that it is a product that can be applied to both young and old. So how should we wear it in our daily life? If the hat … Continued

What are the different roles of different hat types

The rise of baseball caps was mainly from the United States. At that time, baseball was popular in the United States. Every defensive player wore a baseball cap, so many fans also like to wear their own hats that love team logos and styles. The baseball cap not only protects the defensive player’s free sun … Continued

Why wear a hat?

Why do we want to wear a hat? For fashion and good-looking? Fashionable, love-dressing fashion men and women believe that a top can not help but make a haircut, and some hair is more expensive than buying a hat. Then why do we have to add more snakes, and then put on a hat to … Continued