What should you pay attention to when buying a hat

As everyone knoes, It’s easy to buy a hat, but it’s best to get a good understanding of the hat beforehand. Then the hat factory will teach you a few hats to buy!

1, buy the hat needs to be easy due to the season

In winter, the climate is cold. You should choose a hat that keeps warm and has good cold performance, such as cotton caps, leather caps, cashmere caps, etc. In the very cold season, you should choose a hat that can protect your cheeks and ears. Knit hats, woolen woven hats, and large caps are available for spring and autumn. In the summer, the sun is strong and the eyes are irritating. You can choose the big hats with light fabrics, cold colors and shallow colors, such as sun hats, straw hats and cloths. These hats can reflect the sun and lower the head. The heat of the department can also shield the eyes and protect the eyes from ventilation and heatstroke.

2, hats vary by age

Newborns generally do not wear a hat unless they are in a low temperature room or when they are out. Hats should also be made of cotton woven products. The baby’s small head is tender and has poor adaptability to climate change. It is necessary to wear a hat with light texture, soft hand and heat and breathability. If the hat is too heavy and too hard, not only the baby is uncomfortable, but also unfavorable for the development of the brain. The baby hat is best to choose a non-cap, so that the mother can hold and breastfeed, while sleeping on the cradle and bed can see things around.

3, the size of the hat should be appropriate with the head circumference, generally according to the circumference of the head circumference to enlarge 1 cm (or the diameter of the head circumference is enlarged by 0.3 cm); the purpose of properly widening the size is to prevent the hat from being too tight, for the child’s head development Disadvantages also prevent the cap from shrinking and affecting wear. The baby cap is 42 to 48 cm and the bonnet is 50 to 55 cm.