Do you know the skin and hat matching skills

When matching hats, you will usually divide your skin color and then match it. Everyone likes beautiful style hats, but choosing a hat that suits your skin color is also more important. Before the hat net shared with you the dark skin How to match the hat with the MM, we will divide the white … Continued

What crafts can you choose for custom hat in aungcrown

1 Hot stampingThe bronzing printing uses screen printing to print the bronzing paste on the fabric, and then transfers the special aluminum foil foil of the fabric to the T-shirt using a T-shirt hot stamping machine. It has simple and convenient operation, low cost, beautiful product and washing resistance. Etc. 2 Embroidery (Embroidery)The embroidered pattern … Continued

How to choose the suitable hat for kids

Aungcrown starts from the deep needs of customers, adheres to the principle of quality first, adheres to the purpose of small and fine, establishes and continuously improves the cognitive value of customers in the mid-to-high-end market. In order to provide a better customer experience, our company has a dedicated design team to let Customers can … Continued

How to choose a hat manufacturer?

How to choose a hat manufacturer? It is a problem that many companies or teams that want to customize hats need to consider, especially companies that customize hats for the first time. The process, process technology and matters needing attention of the hat customization are not clear. A strong and qualified hat manufacturer can help … Continued

How should I clean my hat?

After taking off the hat, don’t put it randomly, you should hang it on the coat rack, or on the hook, and don’t press heavy objects on it, so as to avoid deformation. If the hat is worn for a long time, grease and dirt will get on the inside and outside of the hat. … Continued

What to think about before buying a hat?

Hats are gradually appearing in our lives. Using hats with fashion has also become an option for us. How do I wear hats? The custom hat factory aungcrown tells you some issues to consider when wearing hats. First, analyze the issues to consider when wearing a big hat:1. It is suitable for wearing a ski … Continued

do you know how to choose men’s hats

Autumn comes unknowingly, and away from the sweltering summer, you can go out with your hat. Going out with a hat can make your personal dress style more prominent and obvious in the crowd. Baseball cap:Baseball caps are the most popular item in everyday life. It is mainly made of canvas, which looks tough and … Continued