The beret is so beautiful, but do you know how to wear it?

The beret does not pick the face or the person. In autumn and winter, it becomes a matching item for almost all girls. The high appearance rate shows the popularity. Although the beret is very versatile, it is not perfect if you buckle it on your head at random. Today I will talk about several correct ways to wear the beret.

Flat top style
At first, the beret was a flat top hat. It changed into a fashion item with time. So when wearing it, many girls still choose to wear it in the most traditional way.

Exposing the brim, then put the hat aside and wear it sideways. Not only does it retain the handsomeness and seriousness of the flat top cap, but the asymmetry can also attract attention.

French style
French romance is more feminine. Put on the beret, and then let the cap cover the brim without revealing the brim. Any hairstyle head shape can be easily controlled, and does not suppress bangs.

After wearing the hat on the hairline, it looks like it will not fall off, and it is also the most common way to wear a beret in recent years.

Slightly wear the beret at an angle, there is a more playful feeling of the little lady top hat.

When slanting a beret, choose a side-by-side style for your hair style.
Step1: Divide the hair into two layers, use the electric rod to curl the side hairs out of the arc, remember the trick of “first parallel then vertical”, after the side curvature is obvious, the inner hairline is fixed with a small black clip, remember the hair outside the hat Roll it!

Step2: Use hairspray to sort and fix the curl, and give the hair luster.

Step3: After wearing the hat, according to the outline of the hat, pinch out the three-dimensionality.

Step4: According to the size of the hat, adjust the pomp with the tip of the comb, and then use spray to shape.

carry out! This will not make you look like you have no time to organize your hair, so you have to use a hat to save your embarrassment!

Low-cut hair × Belle tip: even hair volume + volume fluffy
Step1: Finish the curling of the electric bar, starting from the cheekbones, twist the hair loosely, remember to cover the ears slightly to create a sense of laziness.

Step2: Twist the hair on both sides to the occipital bone and then fix it.

Step3: After wearing the hat, you can loosen it slightly on the side, cover the ears, and pull the ponytail away to arrange it. Do n’t forget to adjust the three-dimensional degree of the hat by hand!

After the low-end hair beret is completed, the hair volume on both sides will be consistent, three-dimensional, and feminine.

Feel free
If the fabric of the beret is relatively stiff wool, then you can buckle it directly on the head, without deliberately plasticizing, but to keep the brim three-dimensional. But don’t wear it too high, the front of the hat is best above the eyebrows, which looks elegant, casual and casual.