What to think about before buying a hat?

Hats are gradually appearing in our lives. Using hats with fashion has also become an option for us. How do I wear hats? The custom hat factory aungcrown tells you some issues to consider when wearing hats.

First, analyze the issues to consider when wearing a big hat:
1. It is suitable for wearing a ski hat type, which will give a visually reduced head.
2, you can choose the kind of soft tata that has a brim and the top of the hat will not completely wrap the head, especially the kind of hat that is not being worn, a slightly inclined type similar to the beret .

3.If you have a bigger head, you can choose a hat with a brim. It is better to choose a baseball hat if you are a man. If you are a woman, you can choose a beret with a brim. Fashion doesn’t look huge.

4.The premise of choosing a hat is the face shape instead of the head shape. The head shape can cover the face but can’t cover it. The fatiest face is to wear a small hat, which makes the face more bloated. The figure is fat, but try to keep the line and outline of your face. You can wear any hat.

Second, the issues that need to pay attention to wearing hats
1. Wear a hat outdoors, and remove the hat once you enter the warm room. One is to give your hair a chance to breathe, and the other is to prevent the high temperature from suffocating your hair.

2.It is best to choose a hat that is slightly larger than the head. I don’t feel that the hair will be pressed too tightly, which will leave room for the hair to breathe. Otherwise, the hairline and roots that are oppressed by the brim for a long time will easily relax and cause hair loss.