The secret of not deforming your hair when you take off your hat

Wearing a thick hat in winter is a very good protection for the head and hair, but if you wear the wrong way, when you take off the hat, you will face a disaster.

1.Elasticity is important
No matter what type of hat you are, if you want to remove the hat, the hairstyle will not be too bad, then you must pay attention to the tightness of the hat, too tight will make your hair very docile, and only save it by shampooing Hair styles, and too loose hats will continue to spin on your head, in case of windy days, you are not only worried about hair styles. The tightness of the wool hat is best for being able to reach two fingers, while the tightness of the hard hat is suitable for reaching one finger.

2.Do not wear a hat when your hair is dry
In order to save time, you might think of drying your scalp before going out in the morning, and wearing a hat to go out when the hair is still wet. In fact, this will not only damage your hair style, but also let the moisture in your hair be dried quickly. The air evaporates, and the hair that should be soft and smooth after washing will become dry and knotted.

3.Liu Haier is the best accessory
In all hairstyles, Liu Haier and the hat are a perfect pair, but if you do not take care of it well, such as applying day care products on Liu Haier, it will make Liu Haier lose its lightness. Doing so will make you It looks unnatural as if wearing a wig.

4.Reduced use of modeling supplies
If you are used to applying a lot of styling products to your hair before going out every day to help style, then you are advised to apply the product in a reduced amount or even stop it when wearing a hat, otherwise the hairstyle will become very flat, but If you choose to put your styling products in the office and wait for your haircut after you enter the company, that’s a good idea.

5.The most suitable hairstyle
Draped ponytails and side braids are good hairstyles for wearing hats, and even if you take off the hat, the style will not change much.