Do you know the basic matching skills of different styles of hats

Today I’m going to introduce you to the basic matching skills of different styles of hats. Let everyone try it in the future!

Baseball cap
The kind of hat is regarded as the most common style in China. Everyone will wear the hat when they are modeling or shading. In fact, the kind of hat was originally designed for baseball players so that they can play without being disturbed by sunlight. Later, the hip-hop trend became more popular. Therefore, the shape of this hat from casual style to sports style is very suitable.

Some people would recommend not to wear this type of baseball cap, because it seems too fart. So please consider your own age!
▲ Baseball caps are also suitable for people with the same street taste
▲ In recent years, some people will wear a baseball cap in the cap T, which can be regarded as a style with a strong style

Basically, this kind of hat looks good with sports jacket or sports jacket. Some people will try to use it to wear a short trench coat, which is actually pretty good.

Round cap
This hat has a slightly retro and elegant feel, so it is not suitable for jeans, sweatshirts and sneakers. One of the benefits of wearing such a hat is that it has a relatively high height, so short people will have a visually enhanced effect when they wear it. In addition, this hat is also particularly suitable for men with beards!
▲ When wearing a round hat, you can try to wear the hat diagonally, it will look a bit rebellious
▲ The hat is really a very styling accessory, enough to change the overall style!
▲ Personally like this black and white match, super COOL ~
In fact, many people will suggest that this kind of elegant style round hat is best not to be used with casual style, but in fact more and more people try to match this way.

Knitted hat
Although Hollywood stars can often be seen wearing such hats in gossip magazines, considering the hot climate, there are actually fewer opportunities to use them. However, the material of the knitted hat is actually thin and thick. You can choose the appropriate thickness according to the season.
▲ You can wear a thin knitted hat in autumn, so you do n’t have to wash your hair or comb your hair
▲ Although this hat is suitable for casual style, it can also be used with a formal windbreaker

Sports cap
This type of hat was used by rich people when they were hunting, but now there is an increasingly casual trend. Therefore, this hat has the characteristics of not only being very formal, but also becoming a casual accessory.
▲ This hat can be used in very formal clothing
▲ It can also be used to match ordinary shirts and jeans, plus a strap is very beautiful and personal!
▲ For those with psychological obstacles, plus a vest is also super suitable, full of strong British style!
▲ It is important to choose the right size for this hat, otherwise it may cause misunderstanding