Do you know the skin and hat matching skills

When matching hats, you will usually divide your skin color and then match it. Everyone likes beautiful style hats, but choosing a hat that suits your skin color is also more important. Before the hat net shared with you the dark skin How to match the hat with the MM, we will divide the white color and the black color to match the hat.

For men with darker skin, it does n’t matter if the face is standard. If the face is wider, it ’s suitable for a jazz hat and hat. These ca n’t wear a cap, and I personally think that what octagonal hat and bud hat a boy wears is too pretty. As for the color, you can try the smoky gray to support the skin, and the brown color is more foreign, and the style is very calm. It is reasonable for people with dark skin to wear brown caps. When a dark-colored person wears a bright-colored hat, it can form a black-and-white contrast, increasing the sense of brightness and high contrast.

For people with white skin, it is not advisable to wear a hat with a cool tone, otherwise the paleness will become more prominent. People with this complexion should wear light-colored hats such as blue, yellow, light orange, light rose, and light green. In addition, it is also suitable for women to use heavy yellow with black or violet decorative colors, or violet with yellow-brown decorative colors. Beige or brown is also very suitable for people with white skin.