What crafts can you choose for custom hat in aungcrown

1 Hot stamping
The bronzing printing uses screen printing to print the bronzing paste on the fabric, and then transfers the special aluminum foil foil of the fabric to the T-shirt using a T-shirt hot stamping machine. It has simple and convenient operation, low cost, beautiful product and washing resistance. Etc.

2 Embroidery (Embroidery)
The embroidered pattern is mainly used in formal T-shirts or polo shirts. Generally, the enterprise logo is embroidered on the left front chest, highlighting the strength and formal sense of the enterprise. The pattern has the characteristics of fresh and elegant colors, rich and diverse stitches, elegant and elegant style, and delicate embroidery.

3 Watermark
Water slurry printing process is the most basic printing process in the printing of cultural shirts, it is a water-based slurry. Can be printed on almost all light background fabrics, such as white, beige, beige, light blue and other fabrics. Water slurry printing is more suitable for large area printing patterns. The disadvantage is that the coverage is not strong, the color is not bright, and it will fade if used for a long time.

4 Digital direct printing
Digital printing is a new printing process that uses the micro-piezo print head of an inkjet printer to spray special ink for clothing on the surface of the fabric and penetrate into the fiber to fix the color. Using the latest digital direct injection equipment, the printing process is simple, no pre-treatment is required; no fixing agent treatment is required after printing, high fastness; good ink smoothness. It can print multi-color, any complex color and transition color full-color images at one time.

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5 Thermal transfer
Thermal transfer is a new method for printing patterns on products of various materials. It is especially suitable for making a small variety of personalized and customized products, as well as printing patterns containing full-color images or photos. The principle is to print the digital pattern through the printer with special transfer ink on the special transfer paper, and then use the special transfer machine to accurately transfer the pattern to the surface of the product at high temperature and high pressure to complete the product printing.

6 Three-dimensional screen foam printing
The principle of foam printing is very simple. Foaming agent added to ordinary glue can be foamed after high temperature ironing, just like steaming buns. The latest foaming technology can adopt layered and color-separated foaming during the color separation process of plate making, with unevenness, showing a strong three-dimensional feeling and feel.

7 Environmentally friendly rubber paste printing (soft)
The environmental protection glue printing is characterized by strong hiding power of color. It is suitable for printing fashion print patterns with clear lines, neat edges and accurate color registration. It is mostly used for printing high-end fashion and T-shirts. The applicable fabric is also the most wide. After printing, high-temperature ironing is required to obtain high-quality printed works with soft touch, strong elasticity and good color fastness.

8 Thermosetting ink printing
The thermosetting ink is a non-solvent ink, which can print fine lines, and the surface is smooth and has good fastness. It has the characteristics of non-drying plate, no odor, high solid content, and good scraping fluidity. Thick plate printing with thermosetting ink, thick plate ink has high hiding power spot color, translucent, transparent and other types.

You can select more logo crafts for your branded, more details please contact aungcrown customization team.