Do you know the kind of hat is more suitable for summer

In summer, many girls especially like to wear a hat to go out, not only for sun protection, but also can play a concave shape, so in summer, it is critical to choose a hat that suits your face shape.

What hat to wear in summer

Wide brim hat
A wide-brimmed hat is an absolute must-have artifact when traveling. A skirt with a wide-brimmed hat and a pair of sunglasses can easily create a holiday style.
Moreover, the wide brim hat has a larger brim, and the shading effect is better than that of a general hat, and the practicability is also full marks.
The larger the brim, the smaller the face, so the sister papers with big faces and round faces are right to wear this hat!

Baseball cap
The ball cap is the most difficult style for celebrities, street shooting is cool, the concert is handsome, the airport style … almost can not be separated from it.

Fisherman’s hat
Because fisherman hats were originally worn by Irish farmers and fishermen, they were later called fisherman hats. But now, the fisherman hat has become the new darling of celebrities.
And hats such as fisherman hats are eaten by men and women, and the actor also loves it. Of course, the fisherman hats are cool and sold. Short-aged short hair with a yellow fisherman hat, cute, girly!

Common collocation of summer hats
Baseball cap
The most worn in summer are all kinds of colorful T-shirts, and then paired with a pair of denim shorts, relaxed and casual. At this time, wearing a baseball cap or cap will not only make you concave, but also create youthful vitality. The age-reducing expert, with a light shape, gives you a good mood throughout the season!

Straw hat
Of course, the most cool and comfortable appearance in summer is this straw hat! Not only is it hollowed out, but also very holiday-friendly. When traveling, wearing such a hat is more idyllic.
Put on a beautiful dress and a straw hat, you might as well carry a straw bag on the back, and it echoes each other.

The beret comes with a retro neutral style, which is not only handsome but also very temperamental. If you wear it with a T-shirt, you can also create a completely different casual style.

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What color hat should I wear in summer

1.The contrasting color combination is the key to popularity. When the color difference between the hat and the clothing is large, it may appear short. Hats and clothes are in the same color, giving a slender impression. The color of the hat depends on the correction of the face. The yellowish face is not suitable for the yellow-green tone that is popular this year. Gray and other colors are available. People with black or white skin have more room for color selection.

2.For those with a ruddy complexion, choose a sun hat with a wide range of colors and be able to coordinate with many colors. For people with gray skin tones, it is suitable to use intermediate colors with low purity, such as jade white, stone green, light blue, brown, lilac, etc., do not choose gorgeous colors.

3.For people with white skin, the color of the hat is also more suitable, but because white skin is easy to give people a sense of weakness, so when choosing a hat, you should avoid choosing a white or nearly white color. Those with dark skin choose bright colors. At this time, we should pay attention to the overall effect of clothing.

4.People with yellow skin should not wear yellow and green hats. However, if the dark brown, purple lotus, crab green, rice gray and other colored hats are properly matched with the clothing, good results can also be obtained.

Summer hat purchase tips

1.Hat and face shape:
People with melon seeds are suitable for wearing all kinds of hats, but the depth of the hat should be moderate, and it is better to expose about 1/3 of the face; for people with square faces, the hat shape should be higher than the proportion, and the face should be exposed 3/4. , Suitable for octagonal hats, cowboy hats, curling hats, bowlers hats, etc .; for people with round faces, the hats should be designed as square, pointed or polygonal, suitable for berets, caps, engineer hats, knight hats, etc .; long face People, the hat should not be too high, otherwise it will make the face look longer. It is better to expose 2/3 of the face, suitable for fisherman hat, big brim hat, cylinder line cap, etc.

2.Hat and body type:
The human body is tall and short. Those who are tall should choose big or small when choosing a hat, otherwise it will give a top-heavy feeling. Short women should not wear flat-brimmed hats, and tall men should not wear tall hats.

3.Hat and skin color:
People with ruddy complexion can coordinate with many colors, but don’t wear too red hats; people with yellow skin are suitable to wear dark brown, beige and other color hats, not yellow and green hats; people with dark skin are choosing bright colors When wearing a hat, you should pay attention to the overall effect of dressing, and match the effect of the hat according to the clothing; for people with white skin, the hat is suitable for many colors, but because the skin is too white, it is easy to give people a soft feeling, so when choosing the color of the hat, you should avoid Choose white or similar colors.