do you know how to choose men’s hats

Autumn comes unknowingly, and away from the sweltering summer, you can go out with your hat. Going out with a hat can make your personal dress style more prominent and obvious in the crowd.

Baseball cap:
Baseball caps are the most popular item in everyday life. It is mainly made of canvas, which looks tough and difficult to deform as a whole.
Due to the air hole design above it, it will not be so stuffy even in summer.
According to the design of its different visor, it is generally divided into flat edge and curved edge.
The flat lip design looks sharper. Relative curved edges are more suitable for street hip hop style, and the overall design color can be more fancy. It can well remedy the shortcomings of face length.

The curved brim design is more suitable for casual sports style. At the same time, the curved brim design uses lines to guide the face to make it smaller. Girls wear the effect significantly to determine the style. Everything starts from the beginning: on the choice of men’s hats. Buy this type of hat as much as possible.
The material for making fisherman hats is generally soft or polyester. Compared to the strong lines of the baseball cap, the fisherman’s cap looks soft and weak, and the cap will float like waves when worn. The whole will look lazy.
With Japanese style dress, it has the finishing touch. The whole looks more lazy and laid back. If there is a bit of scum, it can reflect that decadent sharpness.

Compared to other hats, the beret is not easily deformed, making it more portable. Recommended for winter wear.
The design similar to the flat top cap makes it look more rugged, highlighting the uninhibited temperament and improving the personal atmosphere. Personally feel more suitable for work clothes or American casual clothing style.
Of course, if you wear a tweed jacket, you are wearing a beret. You can also easily wear vintage British. (Amway, everyone is going to watch this English drama by Bloody Gangster)

The cold cap is the best item in winter. It is easy to carry and has a direct contact experience with other hats.
It can not only have a hippie feeling after being put on the cold belt, but also can modify the face shape and increase the height.
If you want to be cute, then choose the style with a cable ball on top. If you want to be funny, then match a pair of beards to determine the style. Everything starts from the beginning: on the choice of men’s hats.

Choose a solid color as much as possible. Too fancy colors will look naive, and if they don’t match well, they will look like country girls. Defining Style, Everything From the Beginning: On the Selection and Matching of Men’s Hats
It may be too hot if you feel cold in the fall. Then you can wear a chimney hat. It’s like a cold hat without a cap. The first time I realized the chimney hat was in a magazine. I saw pictures of the famous trendy popular science photography master teacher Chen. The topless design is more breathable and looks more sloppy. Suitable for people with strong personal style.