Hat factory aungcrown teaches you how to put a hat

Hats should be taken care of and kept. After the hat is taken off, don’t just put it on the floor. It should be hung on the coat rack or on the hook. Do not press heavy objects on it to avoid deformation. The hat has been worn for a long time, and the inside and outside of the hat will be stained with dirt and dirt, and it should be washed off in time. The cap liner can be removed and washed, and then stretched to prevent the sweat on the cap liner from getting wet and mildew, which affects the life of the cap. The ash on the hat should be brushed frequently. The sludge and grease adhering to the surface of the cap can be gently scrubbed with a soft brush and rubbed with hot soapy water, and then washed with water. When you wash your hat, you can find a round or porcelain pot of the same size as the hat. Wear the hat on it and wash it to avoid aliasing.

If the hat is not placed well, there will be no shape, so placing the hat is very important.

at home:

1. You can buy a coat rack. If there are more, you can clean up the floor in the closet and put on the hat.

2. If you want to show your hat, put a transparent cabinet opposite the door. If you don’t buy it, put it on the shoe cabinet, on the bedside table, on the table.

If it is a shop: It is recommended to buy some plastic models, and then put the hat on the model with this year’s most popular wearing method, it is best to do some lighting effects.

When collecting hats: brush off the dust, wash away the dirt, dry it in the sun for a while, wrap it in paper, put it in a hat box, store it in a ventilated, dry place, and put a desiccant in the storage box to Protect from moisture.

Hat cleaning is more special, there is no water soaking (such as feathers, sequins, or hats with a paper-lined type). If the hat is made of cotton, it can be washed. If the paper pad is used, the hat can only be wiped and washed. He is a three-dimensional shape, so the most difficult to use the washing machine.