Which is better for custom hats and spot hats?

Which is better for custom hats and spot hats? I believe that everyone wants to know this problem. The time of customizing the hat is long enough to affect the delivery time. The short spot time and the quality are not guaranteed, so everyone chooses to worry about the choice of custom hats and spot hats. Explain the advantages and disadvantages of custom hats and spot hats:

First, custom hat

(1) Under normal circumstances, the selectivity of custom hats is better. Whether it is fabric, style, LOGO production, or workmanship, you can do it according to your requirements.

(2), customization also has a shortcoming, that is, custom hat delivery time will be long, custom hat manufacturers from purchasing fabrics, cutting, LOGO production, hat work, all accessories, and other issues, plus transportation, labor, etc. Delays in the aspect will affect the delivery time.

Second, the spot hat

(1) Under normal circumstances, the delivery time of the spot hat is fast. As long as the customer is suitable for the style of the spot hat, it can be shipped the same day, without delaying the time of the customer. For some enterprises with low requirements, it is quite a good choice. .

(2) Everyone knows that the spot hats are all common styles, the quality is not guaranteed, the shortcomings of the stock are: unable to meet the customer requirements, the fabrics and styles are not what the customer wants, and the workmanship is not as demanding as the customization.

Which is better for hat customization and spot? This question is a matter of opinion, according to your request to decide, if you are in a hurry to need a hat to do activities, aungcrown suggests that you choose a spot hat, because the delivery is fast. The needs of each company are different, so it is necessary to judge which one is good according to your choice. I hope that the explanation given to you by aungcrown can help you.