What are the varieties of hats?

The hat is divided into the wearing objects, including men’s hats, ladies’ hats, and children’s hats (including baby hats); according to the materials, there are leather hats, cloth hats, hats, felt hats, straw hats, steel helmets, plastic caps, etc.; Uses, there are daily hats, professional hats, national hats, religious hats, sports hats; according to the … Continued

How to choose a high quality factory with custom hats

Hats are not only a kind of object for people to protect themselves from the cold and sun. What is more important is that many people now dress themselves more stylishly and beautifully through hats, and more and more people begin to custom high quality caps with their own logo, so more and more people … Continued

the most professional custom caps factory–aungcrown

We’re not just a company that makes clothes and hats.We are a company with thinkers, facilitators, innovator and believers.We know we’re not making hats and t-clothes, we’re making memories.And for you, it’s not just a piece of fabric, they’re souvenirs that you’ve had for years, and we’re very proud to know that when we’re making … Continued

How to judge the quality of a china custom hat factory

When it comes to china custom hat factory and service, what do you think?Unsatisfactoryied products quality, Not professional service, and maybe disliked food…… the answer is yes, i believe these problems you may experience. But if you will visit aungcrown, china custom hat factory, i believe you will have a unforgettable experience, such as so … Continued

What should you pay attention to when choosing a hat factory

I believe about custom hat factory, you often have many questions, today, i believe you will get more answers you wanted. 1. Are you factory/manufacturer or trader?We are direct factory manufacturer who owns production lines and workers, and everything is flexible and you don’t worry about charging extra money by the middle man or trader. … Continued