Do you choose the right baby visor for summer?

In the hot summer, no matter whether it is an adult or a child, it is difficult to stop the hot sun. Many adults have experience of being sunburned, not to mention the delicate skin of children? Compared with sunscreen, wearing a sunscreen, wearing a sunhat and other physical sunscreen methods is more suitable for the baby. This method seems to be original, but it can effectively block ultraviolet rays without burdening the skin. Summer must-have baby visor, you can also protect your child’s hair, and take a trip to the top in the summer.

For small babies, all clothing that comes into contact with the skin should be soft. Many mothers like to shave their baby to spend the summer, so the sun hat that is in close contact with the scalp is no exception.

In fact, in addition to the soft texture, the cotton visor has the advantages of safe, non-toxic, sweat-absorbent and breathable, which can protect the baby from sultry heat.

Experts pointed out that dark coats absorb sunlight and have the worst sun protection effect. The light color of the light-colored coat cap is as high as 85%, and the sunscreen effect is better. Mothers can choose a light-colored sun hat such as white, goose yellow, etc., not only the sunscreen effect is good, but also makes the baby look fresh and lively.

The wide-brimmed visor not only shields the skin from a wider range, but also protects the eyes. If you want to take your child out for a holiday in the coming summer vacation, the sweet wide-sleeved straw hat can be a great plus.

A good sunhat must be a tight and uniform texture. In addition to satin plants, twill and flat are also a good choice. Pure hand-woven, not only cool and breathable, but also more noble quality.

If you want to take your child to the beach, you must choose a wide beach hat with a brim. Of course, if you can add a three-dimensional floral decoration on the straw hat, it will highlight the baby’s playful and cute.

Imagine who wants to dress up their own girls in fashion? Which little girl doesn’t want to be like a flower fairy, become the elf dancing in the forest?

In fact, baseball caps first appeared in American baseball, and many fans also wear their own favorite hats. With the change of people’s fashion concept, baseball caps also have their own place in the fashion circle, becoming an ornament.

As a boy’s ornament, the appearance of a baseball cap is too high. The family has a male treasure, and wants a small handsome guy to keep up with the trend, must have a stylish and individualized sun baseball cap.

Children’s baseball caps are most popular in the style of cotton or denim. Of course, in order to be more breathable and comfortable, the back of the head of the summer baseball cap uses a mesh material.

Be aware that in addition to the sunshade effect, the baseball cap can also be used as an accessory to modify the face. Whether it’s casual or trendy, baseball caps can be the finishing touch for your baby’s full body, making it easy to play!

The idea of UV protection sun visor comes from Korea, which has a large hat and can cover the entire face like a welder.

It is reported that the high-quality hat material is used by a Japanese company to cut off ultraviolet patent special film. This film protects the skin and eyes of the face. If you have a strong UV when going out, you can choose this mysterious sunhat for your baby.