How different face types match different fisherman hats

The fisherman hat is a very popular hat style in recent years. Many fashion-conscious friends like it very much. They want to start with a top, but the fisherman hat is good-looking, but the blind pursuit is not advisable. Good-looking clothing items, if not properly matched, it is difficult to show their own beauty. So … Continued

How to wear a baseball cap

Hats are popular fashion accessories with a single item, which has won the love of many fashionable men and women. Among the various hat styles, the most common ones are selected. Baseball cap. The baseball cap is casual and stylish, and it is very versatile and easy to control. The baseball cap should look good … Continued

Hat—-Introduction to the sunhat

Composition of a sunhat The sun visor is composed of a visor and a cap body. The visor is double-layered or double-layered. The upper visor can be attached to the lower visor tongue, and has an upright circular arc surface behind the visor. The cap of the horizontal plane can be filled with a layer … Continued

Is wearing a hat harmful to your hair every day?

Wearing a hat often has great benefits for our hair! Keep your hair warm and cold in the cold winterAccording to medical research, people who do not wear a hat when they are not moving, when the ambient temperature is 15 °C, the heat lost from the head accounts for 30% of the total heat … Continued

Why custom hats are getting more and more popular

Nowadays, more and more people are pursuing fashion, and hats are the key to fashion elements. Therefore, there are hat-made wholesalers on the market, and the gradual rise of hat-made wholesalers shows that everyone has been enthusiastic about hats. Nowadays, hats are not just a kind of daily necessities for heating. Nowadays, hats are the … Continued

What is the difference between a cap and a baseball cap?

In other words, many people can’t distinguish between a cap and a baseball cap. Today, aungcrown answers the difference between a cap and a baseball cap. Caps and baseball caps have three differences in appearance, matching, and origin. 1, the difference in originThe name of the baseball cap comes from the United States. Baseball is … Continued

Boys love hats or girls love hats

I don’t know if you have noticed a phenomenon. For domestic users, whether boys are more likely to wear hats or girls prefer hats. The following agarcrown tries to analyze this comparison and hopes to help some friends who are sensitive to data. From a broad understanding, you may default to the previous, wearing a … Continued

Take your hat to the warmth of the whole winter!

In the cold season, it is time to wear a big hat, wear your hat and travel with the warm sun of winter, then, the wind will not blow the warmth of the cap! However, the hats are varied, how do we choose? In addition to careful comparison of styles and colors, a hat should … Continued

How to choose the right child sun hat?

In the hot summer, no matter whether it is an adult or a child, it is difficult to stop the hot sun. Many adults have experience of being sunburned, not to mention the delicate skin of children? Compared with sunscreen, wearing a sunscreen, wearing a sunhat and other physical sunscreen methods is more suitable for … Continued

Top ten baseball cap brands

The baseball cap is fashionable and casual, and it is easy to match with everyday wear. Therefore, it is loved by many people and is popular among all kinds of hat styles. The major apparel brands will naturally not miss this so popular product. Let’s take a look at the top ten famous brands of … Continued