Take your hat to the warmth of the whole winter!

In the cold season, it is time to wear a big hat, wear your hat and travel with the warm sun of winter, then, the wind will not blow the warmth of the cap! However, the hats are varied, how do we choose?

In addition to careful comparison of styles and colors, a hat should also learn to choose according to your face.

Extended reading:

Round face. A person with a round face generally does not have a strong three-dimensional appearance, and a hat with a simple style can achieve a neutral effect. Try to choose a hat with a long longitudinal length. Don’t wear it too deeply when wearing it. Expose your forehead and stretch your face upwards.

Long face. People with long faces should remember that those slender hats and tall hats on the top will have an elongated effect on the face, so use them with caution. Please choose a flat low hat and a flat top hat.

Square face. The person with a square face is mainly because the jaw is too wide, resulting in a sharp edge. Try to choose a hat whose width is greater than the width of your face from the front. To have a certain sense of volume, the square hat is actually matched with the square face.

Melon face. Let’s talk about people who are angry with others. Naturally good-faced, in fact, nothing to say… You don’t want to mess up and decorate your head!

Sorghum bone face. Especially open up a person with a high face. After wearing a hat, the face is covered by a third. If the forehead is buried in the hat, the cheekbones will become more prominent. It is recommended that such a girl wear a big hat with a sense of volume and expose her forehead.