How to wear a baseball cap

Hats are popular fashion accessories with a single item, which has won the love of many fashionable men and women. Among the various hat styles, the most common ones are selected.

Baseball cap. The baseball cap is casual and stylish, and it is very versatile and easy to control. The baseball cap should look good except the design of the baseball cap itself.

Outside of work, wearing can also play a certain role in assisting, let’s take a look at the baseball cap’s various good-looking wear with the hat manufacturer aungcrown.

1.Wearing it
Wearing a baseball cap is the most common and classic wear. It is a very good choice for girls. It can be tied up with a ponytail and can be tied with two small braids. It can also be long hair. Dressed down, the style is changeable, but it is recommended not to put the pressure too low, the slightly raised hat will make you look cute!

2, wearing anti-wear
If you want to be more European and American, you can try to wear the baseball cap against you. Wearing a baseball cap will make you look uncomfortable and handsome. If the girl with a round face is wearing a baseball cap, he can divide the hair. The hair hangs down the corner of the eye, which can make the face look thinner.

3, wearing sideways
Wearing a pair of girls with big wavy hair on the side, wearing a baseball cap on the side of the hair, will make you look fascinating, cute and delicate.

In fact, the baseball cap should be worn well. You have already succeeded in choosing the right baseball cap style. You will succeed in matching 80% of the right clothing. This time is different.
The baseball cap can be said to be the icing on the cake. You also have to pick a baseball cap that suits you.