How different face types match different fisherman hats

The fisherman hat is a very popular hat style in recent years. Many fashion-conscious friends like it very much. They want to start with a top, but the fisherman hat is good-looking, but the blind pursuit is not advisable. Good-looking clothing items, if not properly matched, it is difficult to show their own beauty. So it is important to understand the compatibility of the fisherman hat before selecting the fisherman’s hat, especially the face type with this innate condition can not be changed. Let’s take a look at what shape the fisherman hat is for.

Round face
The rounded face is slightly larger than the other faces, the forehead is wide, the cheeks are full, and the chin is round. The focus of this type of face-selected fisherman’s hat is to make the face look less round, and to pick the fabric is softer. A fisherman’s hat that can be shaped to make the face look less round and symmetrical.

Square face
The square face is characterized by a wide cheek and forehead and a strong sense of chin. It is a very popular “advanced face” face, with sharp edges and corners. The purpose of this type of face-selected fisherman’s hat is to make the face look less square. Choose a hat with a soft line design. The top of the hat is round and round, and the hat is wide. The fisherman’s hat with a wavy look is most suitable for the square face.

Heart-shaped face
The face of the heart-shaped face is actually perfect. It is characterized by a wide sacral bone or a developed apple muscle, a narrow forehead and a narrow chin. This type of face-shaped hat is a medium-wide fisherman’s hat. Be careful not to choose a hat top, and a very strong model for the hat, otherwise the cheeks will feel wide here.
There are no taboos other than this.

Elliptical face
There are two types of elliptical faces, one is the perfect goose face and the other is the longer face. Congratulations on the goose egg face, you are a lucky one, you are a lucky little angel, the fisherman hat here is suitable for you! If the face is relatively long, the focus of picking the fisherman hat is to cover the face, this hat The same method applies to people with a high forehead, or who are not satisfied with their forehead or bangs.

It is recommended to choose a more exaggerated fisherman’s hat. If you have a hat, you should choose a curved one, or you can fold it into a trumpet style. Remember that you can’t choose a very narrow and flat hat, which will make your face look longer.

For the face shape of the fisherman hat, do you have a certain understanding? Do you know what type of fisherman hat is suitable for your face? If you haven’t found it yet, the fisherman hat has so many styles, the name can also be Try it slowly, you can’t find a fisherman’s hat for your face. You can also try other types of hats. You can always find the one that suits you in a wide range of hat styles.