What is the difference between a cap and a baseball cap?

In other words, many people can’t distinguish between a cap and a baseball cap. Today, aungcrown answers the difference between a cap and a baseball cap.

Caps and baseball caps have three differences in appearance, matching, and origin.

1, the difference in origin
The name of the baseball cap comes from the United States. Baseball is very popular in the United States. In addition to athletes, the fans of the team will wear their favorite hats. After the popularity, the baseball cap is not only the hat of the baseball team, but also become one of the favorite items of many young people chasing fashion.

The cap was originally a hat worn by a hunter when hunting. Therefore, it is also called a hunting cap. Because it is flat like a brim of a duck tongue, it is called a cap. The caps began to combine with the fashion sports style, and many designers like to use the cap to match the design of the sporty clothing series.

2, the difference in appearance
The cap of the baseball cap is round, the brim is straight, and the baseball cap belongs to the dome cap.
The cap of the cap is flat, with a visor like a duck tongue, and the cap of the cap is flat like a pan.

3, the difference in matching
Baseball caps focus on sports style, and clothes are more casual.
The cap should be more appropriate with the clothes, generally pay attention to the unity of the color of the clothing.

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