Boys love hats or girls love hats

I don’t know if you have noticed a phenomenon. For domestic users, whether boys are more likely to wear hats or girls prefer hats. The following agarcrown tries to analyze this comparison and hopes to help some friends who are sensitive to data.

From a broad understanding, you may default to the previous, wearing a hat must be more girls than boys, because girls are more hobby, but also prefer to use some accessories to dress themselves. This is best understood and is recognized as a universal imagination.

But in fact, this may not be the case, because in addition to girls, men are also a large group of people wearing hats, and even wearing a lot more than girls, the main reasons are as follows:

1. The accessories that boys can wear are very good. For boys, the accessories that can be selected by the head are not in fact except for the hat, so for them, if you want to dress up, then the hat is the only choice;

2, boys are more concerned about those who can keep their own head decoration, from the male point of view, dressing is a factor, there is a factor is practical, hat as a warm and shade and must also be very practical and effective;

3, boys pay more attention to those jewelry that can enhance their identity, although the hat is not the only one can improve themselves, but from a different point of view, the hat is also a very good choice.