Is wearing a hat harmful to your hair every day?

Wearing a hat often has great benefits for our hair!

Keep your hair warm and cold in the cold winter
According to medical research, people who do not wear a hat when they are not moving, when the ambient temperature is 15 °C, the heat lost from the head accounts for 30% of the total heat of the human body, and 60% of the total heat at 4 °C. If the head is cold, it will cause cerebral vasoconstriction, which may cause dizziness, headache, or dysfunction of the scalp and metabolic disorders of the hair follicle, resulting in imbalance of hair nutrition or unnatural hair loss. Seriously, it may also induce palpation of some diseases. Therefore, in the cold winter, the head is the same as other parts of the human body. It also needs to keep warm and cold. Please take good care of every part of your body!

In the polluted environment, it can prevent dust and pollution of hair.
Nowadays, the pollution of the social environment is getting more and more serious. In the place where the sand is big and the dust is too much, not only is your hair blown in a mess, but more serious, the microbes and dust in the hair above the head are like sandpaper. Gravel, raging on your scalp, microbes that are invisible to the naked eye may cause bacteria on your scalp, and even cause hair follicle infection, which directly affects the living environment and quality of hair. However, if you wear a suitable hat, not only put a beautiful coat on your hair, but also effectively block the damage and invasion of dust on your hair.

In the fierce sun, you can protect your hair from sun and radiation.
Many women who love beauty will take full-armed sun protection measures in the summer, especially with a colorful umbrella, which is both sunscreen and fascinating. However, in winter, the power of the sun is often neglected. When walking, it is always chasing. In fact, because the air in the winter is dry and clear, the strong ultraviolet light in the sunlight is not low, so you should not take it lightly in the winter sun. Excessive sun exposure should still be prevented. Therefore, in order to avoid the damage of ultraviolet rays, choosing a hat with a matching style and color and clothing is nothing more than a sophisticated method that is both fashionable and practical.

The most important point is that an ordinary hat can make you no longer worry about the daily hairstyle, but also reduce the burden on the hair of the props on the head. Women who love beauty will always pay for their disobedient hair. Sorrow, everything is OK after wearing a hat, and it looks more fashionable! …the hat is now accepted by more and more people, and it is getting more and more popular.