Hat—-Introduction to the sunhat

Composition of a sunhat

The sun visor is composed of a visor and a cap body. The visor is double-layered or double-layered. The upper visor can be attached to the lower visor tongue, and has an upright circular arc surface behind the visor. The cap of the horizontal plane can be filled with a layer of heat insulation between the two layers of the visor as needed. On the horizontal surface of the top of the hat, there is an insertion hole for attaching the attachment. When the hollow cap is used, the cap is used. A buttonhole for attaching an attachment is left on the clip. The invention can fully exert the sunshade function of the visor cap and can add various additional items, so that the sun visor is practical, beautiful and has increased use value. After the upper cap of the sun visor is removed, it can still be used and cleaned separately.

Visor design

The design style of the sunhat is varied, and the elegant texture, street mix, American casual, and even the second-hand retro have different charms. In the spring-summer trend of mix and match style, it is a popular item with strong matching. As long as the hair is casually grabbed and then put on a visor, a sporty atmosphere that only belongs to the summer sun will come to life.

The role of the sunhat

In the summer, as the weather gets hotter and hotter, a visor that covers the entire face is quietly popular in many cities. Some ophthalmologists have warned that this kind of sun visor known as “sun protection eye” is inferior. Products, not only can not play a role, but may also affect people’s vision.

Walking through the streets, you will find that most of the people wearing this visor are women riding bicycles and younger children. In the small commodity market, it is covered with such a popular sun visor. The price is generally between 7 yuan and 10 yuan. It is made of a material similar to colored plastic. It can be flexed up and down, and can be worn like an ordinary sunhat. It can also be used as a sunglasses. Merchants said to customers that this UV-resistant hat, everyone likes to buy this summer, has a protective effect, not easy to basking the skin, irritating the eyes.

Visor selection

Ophthalmologists have warned that some sun hats are made of inferior film and do not have professional UV resistance. At the same time, due to the poor transparency of the material’s refractive medium, people feel blurred when looking at the object; The density of the materials is not uniform, so that the scenes that are seen may be deformed, which may aggravate and cause visual fatigue. Therefore, wearing such a hat not only does not have the effect of sun protection, but may also have a significant impact on people’s vision, and even lead to road accidents.