Why custom hats are getting more and more popular

Nowadays, more and more people are pursuing fashion, and hats are the key to fashion elements. Therefore, there are hat-made wholesalers on the market, and the gradual rise of hat-made wholesalers shows that everyone has been enthusiastic about hats. Nowadays, hats are not just a kind of daily necessities for heating. Nowadays, hats are the goal of our pursuit of fashion. It can be said that without hats, there is no fashion.

Hats are worn on the head, most of which cover the entire top of the head. They are mainly used to protect the head. Some hats have protruding edges that can cover the sun. Hats can also be used for dressing. They can also be used for protection. Hair styles, covering bald heads, or as part of uniforms or religious costumes, can be of different types, such as high hats, sun hats, etc. Some hats have an outwardly extending canopy called a visor and a hat in a different Culture has different etiquette, which is especially important in Western culture, because wearing a hat is a symbol of social identity in the past.

In ancient times, there were no hats and towels. People used silk or linen towels to wrap their heads or tie them. Nowadays, the “headscarves” used by the southwestern minority are the legacy of ancient towels. During the Northern Zhou Dynasty, Emperor Wu was easy to use for his own army. He specially made the towel into a shape with four corners. At that time, it was called “Taro”, and it was actually the earliest hat in China. Later, the four-corner cap gradually changed to two long angles extending to the left and right, thereby evolving into a black hat. The two corners that protruded from the left and right crossed behind the head and developed into the helmet of the military officer. Not only does China have an ancient history of hat development, but abroad also used hats as a symbol of rights and status. In the early days of Rome, hats were the symbol of free and legal citizens, and slaves could only cover their heads to cover the sky.

In the Middle Ages, the level of hats was even more clear: bankers wearing yellow hats, kings wearing gold crowns; prisoners wearing paper hats, citizens wearing dark hats, etc. Today’s hats have few grade differences, but there are still occupations. The division, such as lawyer hats, nurse hats, military caps, doctor hats, etc., as well as some special hats, such as the French in the 18th century, a chef named Colem, in order to attract customers, in their own heads Wearing a tall white hat, which attracted everyone’s curiosity, it evolved into the current “chef hat”, and the higher the hat, the higher the level of the chef.