Custom Dad Caps, Custom Made 6 Panels Dad Hats Felt Applique Cotton Twill (Green)

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Hat can always make your clothes match more style and personality. It is a finishing touch to reflect your personal style. Dad hat can highlight this point. They are easy to relax, versatile, light and comfortable, which can make your summer easier and perfect. Today, let’s introduce some personalized dad hats.

Dad’s baseball cap, like its name, has a collapsing brim and can be adjusted at will. It’s really the favorite style of dad and grandpa’s generation. There is also a saying that Americans like watching baseball very much, and the fathers and grandparents who go to watch baseball wear this loose and easy to adjust hat. Dad’s hat is also known as the curved edge hat. It is characterized by long front edge and bending the original baseball cap. Compared with the baseball cap, its cloth is soft and fits the head shape better.

The dad hat dates back to the 1980s when American hip-hop culture rose. A brand called Polo by Ralph Lauren was very popular at that time. His hat was so popular for half a day. What brings the pop hat back to the public’s view is a bunch of trendy cards such as vetements. The logo hats of major brands are also worth knowing.

How to choose dad hats?

Solid color system

The solid color of dad hats is the most versatile. Of course, in addition to the classic black-and-white gray, dad hat is more characteristic in the mixing and collision of various colors. Hats of different bright colors are used to add a lot of fashion to the whole look. The gray white, bright orange, pink, full blue, khaki, red and so on of the bright color system can definitely easily create the focus. The deployment of colors with relatively pure colors does have certain skills.

Slogan system

In addition to being used on T-shirts, the element of “slogan” can also be used on dad hats, which shows that the slogan of self spirit can’t be matched with a personalized dad hats. You can combine a pop hat with a slogan with a baseball jacket or a cowboy jacket, which is full of street style.

Pattern system

Super versatile and easy to wear. No matter what style you are, there is one you can easily control. You can create different feelings by wearing dad hat directly or backwards. The lovely embroidery fonts and patterns are adorable. Isn’t this exclusive to girls? Today’s fashion has to show some personality and interest to innovate.

In addition, I also want to say that dad hat is your Savior whether you don’t have time to wash your hair when you go out at ordinary times or when your hair is messy during long-distance travel. The most important thing is that it can be worn all year round and won’t go out of style.

Shape:customStructured, unstructured or any other shape
Material:customContton, acrylic, wool, polyester,canvas, microfiber, fast dry fabric, nylon mesh, foam etc.
Back Closure:customPlastic snapback, metal buckle, velcro closure, leather straps any other closure you want
Color:customStandard colors are available (special colors are available based on pantone color cards)
Size:customNormally 48cm-55cm for kids, 56cm-60cm for adults
Logo DesigncustomFlat & 3D embroidery, silkscreen, heat press printing, laser cut, woven patch, metal patch, rubber patch, heat-melting rhinestone, double printing, appliqué, inner mesh layer, inner lining etc.
Label:customHang tags, size labels, wash labels, woven labels etc.
Packing:custom25pcs with 1 pp bag per box, 50pcs with 2 pp bags per box, 100pcs with 4 pp bags per box
Price:Depends on the quantity and quality
Payment Methods:PayPal,Western Union,T/T, D/A
Delivery Methods:Express (DHL, FedEx, UPS), by air, by sea, by trucks, by rails

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