plain winter caps design cuffed beanies

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ADJUSTABLE AND COMFORTABLE: The short beanies come in all size that can be adjusted on anybody’s head with comfort and coziness guaranteed.

WARM EFFECT: keeps your head warm and keeps you cosy under the hat. You can try it and let us know how you feel.

MATERIAL AND SIZE: The short beanies are made up of high quality material that is, 100 percent Acrylic to keep you satisfied with the quality. Stretch ability allows you to let it stay on your head, no matter what the size of form is.

COLORS AND DESIGN: The plain beanies are designed especially to keep your head covered in a way that you don’t feel cold in the area. A wide range of colors lets you choose your favorite beanie or you can pick several colors to go with your clothes.

EASY WASH: The beanies can be hand washed when needed. Dipping the beanies in warm water with mild soap makes it as clean as new. Get your favorite and the most durable beanie now.

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