About Bucket Hat Custom Designs for Memorable Summer 2021 You Need To Know

Bucket hats are a great way to add a pop of color to your wardrobe. Perfect for the warmer months of Spring and Summer, these hats work up quickly and don’t require much yarn.

Bucket Hat History

Bucket hats were created as a functional accessory for Irish farmers and fishermen in the early 1900s to protect them from both rain and sun. During World War II, denim bucket hats, nicknamed “Daisy Mae,” were standard U.S. military issue to protect soldiers and sailors from the elements.

In the 1980s, the bucket hat made an appearance as a fashion trend for hip hop artists. Many 80s and 90s accessories have re-emerged in today’s trends, and bucket hats have also returned to the spotlight!

Why You Should Wear Bucket Hats

1. Bucket Hats are Versatile

Bucket Hats come in tons of styles, from handmade crocheted caps to water-resistant hats. There’s a bucket hat for any and every occasion. Some bucket hats are even reversible, so you get two hats in one.

2. Bucket Hats are Comfortable

The classic, casual bucket hat style is super easy to wear. The basic cut of bucket hats makes them super comfortable on the head.

3. Bucket Hats are Practical

Bucket hats are basically the perfect summer accessory, because they protect you from the sun (and rain) while keeping you super stylish. Plus, bucket hats are less cumbersome than wide brim sun hats, which makes them a great choice for travel.

The do’s and don’ts of bucket hats

It can be really tricky to style a new item of clothing, particularly with fast fashion trends changing like the wind.

Do think about the colour and pattern of your hat. While there are ways to pull off some really cool patterned hats, you need to make sure you do it right to prevent a fashion faux pas.

Don’t shy away from wearing your hat. Confidence matters and is your best friend when it comes to wearing something new. After all, it’s not what you wear, it’s how you wear it that truly counts. Put it on and rock the style – you look great.

Do consider the dress code. In order to not look like the class clown, make sure you rock the bucket hat in an appropriate environment.

Don’t listen to the naysayers! Some people might mock your bucket hat, but don’t let that dent your confidence. If you look great, feel great, and your hat brings you happiness, that’s all that truly matters!

Now To understand the many benefits of the bucket hat, you should know where it originated. Though it may have been intended for a certain and specific demographic of people, its popularity has made its way to various groups. Even within itself, the bucket hat has many style variations and an endless offering of patterns and colors.


It’s said the bucket hat was first introduced around the year 1900, originally made from material such as wool or tweed and worn by fisherman or Irish farmers. They were developed to protect from rain, and due to the unwashed raw wool they were often made from, they were naturally waterproof. Think of them as umbrella hats!


As mentioned, the bucket hat is a shield from rain, but it’s also protection from sun. Hats in general keep the body warm in cold weather because they help to retain the heat that attempts to escape from the head. Bucket hats are versatile because, in addition to aiding you in cold and hot weather, they save you money by helping you avoid the costs of skin diseases associated with overexposure to the sun. Some even have a chin strap to help keep the hat on your head for outdoor sports and activities. KBethos sells a variety bulk bucket hats in different styles, patterns, and colors to meet your practical needs while staying on trend.


This piece of headwear has made its way into popular culture more than once.

Bucket hats became very popular in the 1990s and were seen on several different style groupings of people. They never went fully out of style but took a bit of a hiatus until recent years. Due to their relaxed easy fit and look, they’re trendier than ever in an age of comfort. Especially with the quarantine, people have been finding ways of looking shabby chic with comfortable clothing that exudes fashion at the same time. The bucket hat seems to be the finishing touch for outfits ranging from dresses all the way to sweatsuits.

How to style a bucket hat?

Bucket hats are a great accessory to complement a streetwear style. Mix things up by pairing it with shorts and a polo shirt in a pale shade. Alternatively, you could try sweatpants or chinos with an oversized graphic T-shirt or Cuban shirt. Add some chunky sneakers for extra comfort and style.