About Reflective Fabric Hats You Need To Know

China has developed reflective materials from 1960. Since 1980s, with the rapid development of traffic and other transportation businesses, more and more attention has been paid to the research and development of reflective materials. In the middle of 1980s, China began to research and develop civil reflective fabrics. At present, the application of reflective materials in China is more and more extensive. The scale of production has been basically formed, and the quality of products has been improved. The reflective cloth has reached the international EN 20471 standard.

At present, on the market, an upgraded version of the reflective printing cloth is presented. On the basis of high reflective brightness and distance, it is more delicate to show the color and pattern of the reflective color. After lighting, it can produce a very strong iridescent effect, the light source is different, the pattern is different, and the relative reflective effect is also different. The reflective printed cloth is widely used in clothing, shoes, and caps and so on.

In the present, there are many styles of hats in the market. Sport cap, knitted cap, fisherman hat……The one of reflective material hats is best-selling in the market, reflective hats is make of reflective yarn and knitting material, it is not only keep our heads warm, but also can keep us safe at night. People wear it sometimes just think it is fashionable. The reflective hats are different from normal hats. It can reflect the light at night, it keeps you warm and in the same time keep you be seen from far away. Hats factory combination use the reflective yarn and knitting materials for all fashionable styles hats.

1: The working principle of peflective fabric
The production of reflective fabric uses the principle of retro reflection. Reflective fabric is made of the base cloth, the adhesives, and the micro glass bead. And a variety of processing technology including coatings, composites, along with processing methods such as hot pressing is imperative. The micro glass bead for producing high and silver reflective fabrics are half coated with aluminum to improve the reflective coefficient significantly. The highly reflective glass beads coated in the surface of the cloth works by reflecting light back to the light source only, such as a car’s headlights. In other words, the reflective tape only lights up for the person with the light source or in line with it. This happens because the tape contains either glass beads or prisms that collect light, focus it and bounce it back to the source.

How does it do this? Imagine that you are in a round room and you are in the center of the room. If you throw a ball towards the wall it is always going to come back to you. Reflective fabric or reflective tape works in a similar manner.

Since very little light is scattered when the light is returned, retro reflective fabric or tapes appear brightest to an observer located near the original light source, therefore, it can help the eye perceive light in low-light conditions. Normally, man who wears hats with reflective fabric on can be seen by drivers hundred meters away in darkness, which can surely avoid the occurrence of traffic accident.

2: the benefits of reflective caps
(1)The reflective caps have so many benefits, but i think the most important benefit of reflective caps is keep safe, reflecting cap keep the children safe. Children are the hope of the family, the future of our country. The safety of children is the focus of the whole society.

To a certain extent, the traditional small yellow hats can reduce the traffic accident victims, which happened on primary and middle school students, but at night it is not so obvious in the evening. Drivers will produce a visual blind in a long distance, unable to take any reactions in a short time and to avoid the occurrence of traffic accidents. If that time, the children wear a cap with the reflective tapes, then its reflection can remind the driver to quickly find the child and make the corresponding response. So the emergence of reflective caps traffic safety cap let the child go home safely.

(2)Besides the function of protecting you from sunshine, the reflective hat does its safety use as well. By wearing it, you will be easily recognized by your companion specially at night. When you encounter something dangerous, for instance a bad traffic situation you will win much luck by wearing a reflective hat than those who are not armed at all.

(3)A newfangled sun hat uses shiny coated reflective material to deflect UV waves instead of attracting them. It also repels heat by reflecting the rays away from the head. The reflective Hat is a lightweight, breathable nylon hat with reflective fabric covering the crown and the 360-degree semi-rigid brim.

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