AungCrown Green Hats From Recycled Plastic Bottles

Plastics bottles are one of the most damaging materials to our environment, and the amount of plastics in our oceans is staggering. According to statistics, we use at least 50 billion plastic bottles per year. That is crazy! Only 20% are recycled and the rest are thrown away filling up landfills and polluting our ocean.

The Environmental negative effect of Plastic Bottles

1.The production of plastic bottles requires up to 17 million barrels of oil each year. This amount of oil has the ability to maintain up to one million cars fueled for an entire year. The water bottle production process utilizes the petroleum product polyethylene terephthalate (PET), this product requires an extremely large amount of fossil fuel to both make and transport.

2.The manufacturing of a water bottle requires three times the amount of water needed to fill it. That large amount of water becomes unusable and is wasted due to its exposure to chemicals during the production process.

3. In landfills, floating on oceans, or rivers and on sidewalks. It was approximated that 46,000 pieces of plastic trash are floating on the ocean per square mile. This plastic is killing animals, leaking chemicals and disrupting ecosystems.

4. Moreover, sixty million plastic bottles are disposed of in one day in the Unites States alone, and eighty percent of those bottles end up overflowing landfills. Each bottle can take up to one thousand years to decompose, leaking dangerous and harmful chemicals during the process. Some toxins leaked could cause cancer and reproductive disabilities.


Luckily, there are environmentally conscious companies like AungCrown, willing to do their part to tackle such a serious and important issue. At aungcrown, we want to help clean those plastic bottles by recycling after processing, they can be made into recyclable fabrics, and then generate beautiful hats. You will get years of use from.

With development in recycling technology, plastic bottles can now be transformed into light, soft and breathable textiles that are best for stylish outfits, skirts and blouses. Biggest brands in fashion have welcomed recycled plastic fabrics for creating trendy clothing and accessories and their fashionable customers have loved the collection. They are stylish, affordable and give a high-end look.

Green hats refers to fabrics that are obtained from recycled plastic. Also, the methods used to manufacture these fabrics are sustainable. There will be a considerable decrease in the carbon emission, if there is a reduction in the use of raw materials, energy and natural resources. One can opt for such green clothing without making any compromise on choice or fashion.

There is not much difference with respect to quality or texture between the hats made from recycled plastic and normally made garments. It is proven that recycling plastic reduce air, water and land pollution. Thus, buying products made from recycled plastic bottles indirectly help to create a sustainable living and environment.

Now let’s know the process of producing fabrics from plastic bottles


1.The first step in the process is to collect the bottles that will be turned into fabric. Once the bottles are collected, the clear bottles are separated out from the other colored bottles. Clear bottles will create white yarn, and colored bottles will naturally create green yarn, or whatever color the bottle was.

2.The next step is to shred the bottles into tiny pieces and separate out the caps and labels from the bottle material. The cap of a soda or water bottle is actually a different kind of plastic than the PET bottle itself. After this the shredded material is dried.

3.Now The plastic is heated and forced through tiny holes which resembles something like a showerhead to create fibers. The fibers are fine, long continuous strands. Next, they are torn apart into short pieces so the fiber isn’t continuous strands.

4.Finally, use the fabric to made the hats.

Our hats made out of recycled items are strong but soft to the touch, waterproof, and lightweight.The fabric has moisture wicking and antibacterial properties that will allow your head to breathe, and keep odours at bay. Our GREEN Caps are comfortable to wear – essential when you want your customers and clients to re-wear them again and again! They won’t shrink or fade and also dry very quickly. We hope you love your new recycled hat!

AungCrown eco-friendly hats are made from 100% recycled plastic bottles, giving this branded cap some serious green credentials!  They are an ideal choice for any business looking to improve sustainability and reduce their ecological footprint.

Join AungCrown, we’re committed to geting every bottle back. Our plastic bottles are made to be remade. We are carefully designing them to be 100% recyclable – even the caps. Our goal is for every bottle to become a new bottle, and not end up in oceans, rivers, beaches and landfills. And that means we are using less new plastic.