Baseball cap accessories eyebrows — Professional hat factory

Every baseball cap requires an eyebrow core. The size and shape of the eyebrow core directly affect the shape and quality of the cap. Generally speaking, the width of the eyebrow core of an adult hat is about 18-18.5CM, the length is generally 7CM, and the length is generally 9CM. I think that these two sizes are sufficient. It does not need to be too messy and complicated. Of course, except for children’s hats.

There is no standard for the outer arc of the eyebrow core. Remember not to be too sharp, too thin, or too anxious, and the arc must be natural and generous. The inner arc is generally easy to be ignored. This is really important. It must be basically consistent with the helmet, especially at the two corners, otherwise it will affect the hat shape.

The quality of the eyebrow core generally has three parameters: thickness, hardness, and tensile strength. But these are basically determined by the materials. Oil rises, raw materials are expensive, and desperately add materials, resulting in a light and thin tongue core, no feel, unreal, broken capacity, and will be brought out by the needle thread residue, insufficient strength, poor styling effect, can not last.

The color of the eyebrow core is usually black and white, as well as the white (creamy white). Of course, it can also be made red and green according to requirements, but the color effect is poor, and it is not necessary.

If conditions permit, it is recommended to use a good-quality eyebrow core, which will finally help to improve the quality and grade of the product, especially the washed hat, but it is often ignored by people.