Corona Virus Situation Reports from Aung Crown

Dear Customer:

Here is Kailyn from Aung Crown factory. Firstly thank you for your trusting and choosing us as your supplier. 

Due to the SARS Coronavirus,  I sepcailly write the email to report you about the Corona virus situation. 

I think you may heard of the Corona Virus happened recently in China. It is a sad event that affects people’s heart all over the world. 

On the behalf of Chinese people, we thanks very much for your caring about us.  We all bless it will gone and peace will come as soon as possible!

Thanks goodness that we have a very strong and powerful govement.  The birthplace of the Virus is from Wuhan. The goverment has taken the action of locking down the city from all outside contact to stop the spread of the virus since from the beginning. 

As a result, other cities and areas is very less impacted. They under well controled by this action. Furthermore, in order to double prevent people from it. Govenment has 

prolonged the national holiday to 10th, Feb. People keep safe at home. So our reopen date will put off till to 12th, Feb. 

There are two main things that you may worried and we want you feel comfortable and confident. 

1/ Your order saftey. 

Firstly, as the above stated:  Shenzhen is very far from the birthplace of Wuhan.  So we are in the safe area.It is a sunshine place all the year. 

Secondly, we have about 286 workers, there are only 7people whose hometome is near by Wuhan. But God bless them, they are safe and keep at home till the sutiation getting quite to prevent from any case of Virus. 

Thirdly, the Carona Virus cannot survive outside air and product cannot be contaminated. 

Ever since the above,  Aung Crown is highly consider the situation on the propagation of the Virus. The actions we take as the following:

 1. Disinfecting the whole factory area with no corner neglected every day. 

 2. Each worker wear surgical mask every mins during their working.

 3. Prepared 1,000 bottles of disinfectant spray for staff daily used. 

 4. Maintain indoor ventilation. 

So make sure all production in every safe circumstance.

2/ Turnaround time. 

 To be honset, the delivery time of some orders would be delate somewhere under this situation. I am sure this will not only happened in Aung Crown, but the truth will be the same even worse from other suppliers. 

  But, What lucky of Aung Crown!   

1. Aung Crown has a full and complele owned industial area with more than 5500 Square meters. which support our workers can keep safe and stay at factory during their working. 

2. We have own full production lines, from fabric stock, embroidery department, woven lable dpt, screen printing dpt, sublimation/digital printing dpt, laser dpt, etc. That mean we can finish nearly most of logo technology 

    in house. So it won’t influence much for our new orders unless specail requests that need which we need accessory suppliers’ cooperation.

Beside the above, our sales representives will keep online to answer your requests , as well as our relative support deparement like Designing Dep and Logistics Department will keep on duty to support your product and delivery is assured. 

The very improtant point is:  in order to double sure your order is under your request be finished, pls well inform us your time you need them. We will make double sure and remark. If we agree the shippment to you, we will take your order, 

if not, we will definetly tell the turth to you without any deception.  

The Virus is a kind of disaster as an act of God. No one expect it comes. To it, human being is tiny but great. Now many people in domestic or aboard are volunteered to do what they can do and united together to fight it. 

We believe it will be back to quite and peaceful soon. 

On behalf of our factory, we appreciate for your caring and trusting we are working this out!

Warm Regards!

Kailyn Weng

Co-Owner / Director of Sales and Marketing

Email:   kailyn@accaps.com                          

24-hours line:   +86-159 8957 1776