Do you know the basic structure drawing hat and The impact of silk hat processing?

The basic structure drawing of the hat and the impact of silk screen printing on the processing of the hat. I believe that many people want to understand. Today, hats not only represent the trend, but also protect the body. There are also many, how is the hat drawn? What is the effect of silk screen printing on hats?

Basic structure drawing of hat
(1) Measurement of head height: The hat factory tells you that the length from the left ear root up to 1cm around the top of the head to the right ear root is 1cm. The head circumference is measured from the hairline to the circumference of the most prominent part of the back of the brain. The length obtained is the head circumference. The basic size of the hat is derived from the head shape. The mouth of the hat is equal to the circumference of the head. The height of the crown (including the top of the hat) should be from the top of the left ear to the top of the right ear, and then divided by 2. When drawing, it is known that the mouth of the cap is the circumference, and the length of the radius is obtained. The formula is r = perimeter / 2. Use the calculated radius to draw the exact perimeter. When designing a hat, the width of the number of pieces divided also depends on the perimeter. One is the perimeter of the cap, and the other is the perimeter of the crown or crown. Determine the number of divided pieces, and divide the perimeter by the number of pieces to get the width of each piece.

Planar structure drawing
(1) The hat factory tells you that travel caps (baseball caps): Travel caps are generally six-piece caps with visors on the front and can be made of fine canvas and leather. The color of the cap is preferably one or two, and the color of the cap and the brim may be different.
(2) Sun hat: There are two types of tops of the sun hat: six-piece type and full-top type. The brim is flat or turned down, and the stitching is more special. The material can be cotton or thin khaki.
(3) Baby cap: The baby cap is a soft top hat, which is made of soft floral cotton cloth, which can be decorated with lace and decoration.
(4) Hexagonal beret: Hexagonal beret is a kind of beret, made of thin woolen cloth, and the mouth of the cap fits the circumference of the head.
(5) Six-piece hat: The six-piece hat has no brim, and the hat can be fixed with a ribbon. It can be used at home.
(6) Round box hat: The hat factory tells you that the crown and mouth of the round box hat match the head circumference, and can be decorated with flowers or feathers.

The influence of silk screen on hat processing
Attentions to hat processing by ordinary silk screen technology The important part of composition. At present, when domestic flexographic printing companies choose inks, the first consideration is the price of ink per kilogram. Low-priced inks are the first choice of enterprises. Such choices are beyond reproach, but companies often ignore the resulting losses.

In the late processing of the hat, the color will fall off and fade. In addition to the curing temperature, curing time, ink formulation and printing adaptability, it is also related to the fabric composition and fabric structure. For example, cotton and hemp fibers have better ink absorption than chemical fibers and are more resistant to high temperatures. Therefore, different formulas are required to regulate the ink. In addition, pay attention to the different structures of the fabric. The loosely structured fabric has good adhesion to the ink, because the ink will penetrate the fabric and wrap the fabric fibers under the action of the blade pressure.

The above is the basic structure drawing of the hat and the effect of silk screen on hat processing. If you want to know more about hat series, welcome to aungcrown,i believe you will have more expriences.