Do you know the meaning of different colored hats

Black is a logical negation, symbolizing caution, criticism, and risk-based assessment. There are two main purposes for using black hat thinking: discovering shortcomings and making evaluations. What’s wrong in thinking? What are the possible consequences of this incident? Black hat thinking has a lot of checking functions, and we can use it to check the evidence, logic, possible, influence, applicability and shortcomings.

The true meaning of thinking: black thinking also allows you to make the best decisions; point out the difficulties encountered; point out logical reasons for all problems; when used in yellow thinking, it is a powerful and powerful assessment tool; Using black thinking before green thinking can provide ways to improve and solve problems. All in all, Black Hat asks “where is the problem”.

White hat:
White is neutral and objective, representing information, facts, and data; striving to discover information and strengthening the information base is a key part of thinking; when using white hat thinking, focus attention on separating information in parallel, keeping in mind three issues: we What information now? What more information do we need? How do we get the information we need? The types of information include solid facts, questions to be verified, and rumors and personal opinions. In the case, you can simply separate different perspectives in parallel. If this conflicting issue is particularly important, it can also be tested later.

The true meaning of thinking: white thinking can help you to present facts and data like a computer; use facts and data to support a point of view; search for facts and data for a certain point of view; trust facts and test facts; process information provided by two points of view Conflicts; assessing the relevance and accuracy of information; distinguishing facts from inferences; clear actions required to distinguish facts from inferences.

Red cap:
The red flame reminds people of enthusiasm and emotion. It is a premonition, intuition, and impression of something or a point of view; it is neither fact nor logical thinking; it is the opposite of an impartial, objective, non-emotional white hat thinking. Red Hat thinking is like a mirror, reflecting all the feelings of people.

The true meaning of thinking: You don’t need proof or proof to use red thinking. Red thinking can help you do this: your emotions and intuitions are somehow, how you express them. When using Red Hat thinking, limit your thinking time to 30 seconds before answering. Red Hat’s question is: What is it that I feel?

Yellow cap:
Yellow represents sunshine and optimism, and represents the logical and positive side of things; yellow thinking pursues interests and values, and is the possibility of seeking solutions to problems. When using yellow thinking, keep in mind the following questions: What are the positive factors? Is there some reasonable aspect? Is there anything particularly appealing about this idea? Is this possible?
The true meaning of thinking: With the help of yellow thinking, we can make us think deeply, strengthen our creative methods and new thinking directions. When explaining why an idea is feasible or feasible, it must be justified. The question for Yellow Hat is “what are the advantages” or “what are the benefits”.

Blue cap:
Blue thinking is the “control cap”. Mastering the thinking process itself is regarded as “process control”; blue thinking is often used at the beginning, middle and end of thinking. We can use blue hats to define purpose, make thinking plans, observe and do something, and decide the next step. When thinking in blue, keep in mind the following questions: What is our agenda? What do we do next? Which hat do we use now? How can we summarize the existing discussion? What is our decision?
The true meaning of thinking: blue thinking allows you to play the role of a thinking facilitator; focus and re-focus thinking; deal with the need for special kinds of thinking; point out different opinions; summarize thinking as needed; Questions asked in Blue Hat are “need some kind of thinking”, “what’s next”, “what thinking has been done”.

Green hat:
Green is the color of life and is full of life. Green thinking does not need to be based on logic; it allows people to make multiple assumptions. When using green thinking, keep in mind the following questions: Do we have other ways to do this? Is there anything else we can do? Is there anything that could happen? What methods can overcome the difficulties we encountered? Green thinking can help find new solutions and alternatives, modify and remove errors from existing methods; provide time and space for creative attempts.
The Essence of Thinking: Green thinking inspires guiding principles of action, presents explanations, predicts outcomes, and new designs. Using green thinking, we look for alternatives and novel ideas. In a word, what is properly related to green thinking is “possibility”. “Maybe” is perhaps the most important phrase in the field of thinking. May include the use of hypothetical tools in science. It may provide a framework for the formation of human perception, the distribution of opinions and information, including the existence of uncertainty, and may also allow the use of imagination. Green thinking raises the question, “We have some kind of idea.”

Hats of different colors represent different true meanings of thinking. Entrepreneurs must learn to bring hats of different colors to think at different times. The key to innovation is thinking, thinking from multiple perspectives, and observing objects in circles Generate new ideas.