How can hats be more popular?

As we all know, a hat is enough to solve many problems, not only can shade, show a small face, and most importantly, in the summer a hat is definitely your heightening artifact.

Look1. Baseball cap

White short sleeves and irregular gray skirts are full of sporty girly, but the color match is a bit monotonous, and the dark blue baseball cap is a good blend of color, and the most attractive is blue The design of the red contrasting letters on the color baseball caps is just a bit more playful and has a good age-reducing effect.

Hats and masks are good tools for female stars to travel, so the hidden machine of the hat is no longer a concern. The white hat is very ordinary, but the design of the black letters on the forehead is very colorful in the blank space, and has a full sense of art. Especially with blue denim overalls, the girl is full of power.

With the same white hat, Tong Liya has an advantage. First of all, the white hat is very fair, and the facial features are exquisite. And raising the hat instead of being able to lower it has a visually significant effect.

Black baseball caps are very versatile, especially black with a little mystery will give people a more sense of security. The black pattern on the black hat is a good way to reconcile the dullness of black and add some vitality and playfulness. Especially with white short sleeves and jeans, the girlish style has a very high rate of return.

It is difficult to design a baseball cap that is very attractive, so it can only be laborious in color, but this baseball cap has achieved a sense of fireworks through the design of printing. Black hat and white font, exaggerated but not losing energy. In particular, the baseball cap with the doll’s head looks thinner and exquisite.

Look2. Japanese small cap

The Japanese small eaves fisherman hat is a good tool for age reduction. It is synonymous with the arts and forests. Especially the small-faced person has a visually thin face. The little black brim with blue and white prints is very playful and cute. Coupled with cartoon short sleeves, it is a girl’s heart bursting, fresh and touching.

The pink brim hat is also the first choice for age reduction. First of all, pink is fresh and energetic, which is the standard for girls, and pink can well set off the complexion, making the complexion look very tender. Especially the small pink hat with white short sleeves and blue denim wide leg pants, in addition to the harmony of colors, it is full of literary style.

The hat is the most unique pairing item with strong personality. The red and black colors have a flame-like feeling, with super visual impact and artistic sense. But at the same time, red is a very eye-catching color, used in the design of the hat, it has a very high return rate.

The fresh and contrasting small eaves fisherman hat is very design and looks very playful and cute. Especially with sunglasses, it looks small and compact. The oversized short sleeves make the leg proportions more perfect, and the matching of the hat adjusts the visual proportion of the upper body very well, which has a significant increase effect.

The small black brim hat has a little sexy, especially the design of the lotus leaf edge, has a strong sense of small fragrance design, which highlights the weak charm and breath of women. The small brimmed hat with short hair perfectly reflects the line of the face and has a very good grooming effect. Especially with the floral miniskirt, the age reduction effect is even more significant.

The beige domed eaves fisherman hat is very low-key and unobtrusive, expressing a sense of quiet and good years. But when beige hats are paired with maroon curly hair, they are very delicate like a doll. Coupled with a black loose top, it has a layer of casual and comfortable feeling, harmonizes colors, and has a variety of designs.

The small black brim hat is very exquisite and small, and the ruffled design has a good effect of modifying the lines of the face, especially with black short sleeves and denim long skirts, to harmonize the overall color use, in line with the aesthetic pursuit, and more The visual effect lengthens the body proportion, has the effect of increasing, and has the effect of reducing age.

The graffiti hat has a full personality and vitality, and has an excellent age-reducing effect. The stitching and collision of colors has a very design sense, and it is very artistic in addition to bold and exaggerated. Especially with jeans with raw edges, the girl’s heart was instantly awakened and she walked on the street with an absolute return rate of 100%.

Look3. Panama Top Hat

The flat-top politeness of Panama is a very neutral match, an externalization of character connotation, but this also implies a deliberate effort. The design of the flat top can increase the effect visually, and it is not ostentatious in the use of color, but in the low-key, it has the beauty of a peaceful and peaceful time.

The Panama flat hat has a good decoration effect, which can show the exquisiteness and softness of the five senses. Instead of a delicate knitting feeling, it has a primitive charm. The neutral design can stimulate Song Jia’s feminine charm. At the same time, the black belt in the middle brings a sense of gentleness, and it also adjusts the color well.

look4. Dome hat

The black dome hat does not appear dull in color, but has a sweet feeling, which is closely related to the design of the big eaves lotus leaf. The big brimmed hat with air bangs is a perfect complement to the facial features, especially the beauty of the eyes. The big brim hat with the plaid skirt highlights the feelings of the girl, and the effect of reducing age is very obvious.

The knitted big brim hat has a natural flavor, which reminds people of sunlight, waves, and has a quiet charm and beauty. At the same time, the dome’s big brim hat design better highlights fair skin and small features. Especially with the pink gown, it has a delicate and feminine artistic feeling and literary atmosphere.

The design of the white hollow big brim hat is very different. The exquisite design brings a ladylike taste, especially the lace gauze long dress matched by Han Xue, which fully expresses the lady’s temperament. The use of color is also very light. Instead of taking the lead, the cheeks are bright and moving.