How does the hat match the hairstyle?

If you put your head on your head and wrap your head around, the shortcomings of your face may be exposed, so it is not suitable for short-haired girls. But the warm knit hat is equipped with loose curls that are really eye-catching and have a “skinny face” effect. If it is a white knit hat with a white knit sweater, it will be more elegant and elegant.

To deploy this hat, you only need a super simple haircut to ponytail. Rabbit hair and coarse wool are good choices, and the raw materials for mixing are also very good.

The braces are blended with straight hair or curly hair. The large prefix is ​​almost an all-round hat with a full contour and a retouched face for different face types. Other handsome and neutral styles can add a sense of style. So, when you don’t know what to choose, you might want to pick a top. A girl with a sweet face is especially comfortable wearing this hat.

The cap is blended with asymmetrical curls: the simple cap is a very stylish accessory, and the hat is custom made to make people look good, but not everyone is suitable, the deployment is very important. On the clothing, a slightly cool wild dress can release artistic temperament.

The gauze knit cap is equipped with a twisted twist, and the knit cap that covers the ear is specially designed for the beloved beauty. It is suitable for loose curly hair, but the head is very simple, so it can be added slightly. The hair of the fluffy hair is partially braided to suppress excessive looseness, and the small ability of the beloved can add a little sweetness. This kind of hat is the most convenient for casual wear, making the whole person look very casual. Customized hat manufacturers

Hat and body type: The taller hat should not be small, otherwise it will give people a sense of lightness. The hat manufacturer’s thin and thin hat should be small and not big, otherwise it will give people a sense of anticlimax. A short woman should not wear a flat top wide choice hat should be long and short, both to wear appropriate, but also to make others look beautiful. Along the cap, tall women should not wear high caps.

Choosing a suitable hat can not only add to the decorative beauty of the painting, but also bring you confidence and a whole day of beautiful mood. There are a lot of limitations in the selection of hats, considering its practicality and decoration, but also pay attention to its style, whether the color is compatible with personal attire, age, work and whether it can reflect and show the appearance of people. And cultivation.