How to choose a hat based on your face shape

Hats have not only been used to keep warm, but also a must-have for the fashion industry. In winter, there are many styles of hats that can be used to match. Finding the right hat can add highlights to your overall. How to find a hat that suits you? We have to choose according to our face shape

How to judge your face shape?

Round face:

1.The cheekbones and chin are relatively round, and the boundary is not obvious;

2.Approximate face length and width;

3.The length of the middle court is slightly larger than the length of the forehead and chin;

4.From a distance, it looks round with the head, and the chin is approximately an arc.

The key when choosing a hat for a round face is to increase the length of the face visually. You can choose some hats with higher tops to achieve this effect. At the same time, using a wider brim to balance the proportions can make the cheeks look narrower.

Square face:

1.The parotid bone is more square, with sharp edges and corners;

2.The depression of the temple (temporal bone) is about the same width as the sacrum and parotid bone;

3.The chin does not protrude, and it blends into the cheekbones.

The biggest consideration of a square face is how to solve the problem of too stiff cheek lines. It is best to choose a hat with a round contour or an irregular cold contour to soften the corners.

Long face:

1.The temple depression (temporal bone) is about the same width as the sacrum and parotid bone;

2.The cheekbones are square and slightly angular;

3.The last of the three courts is slightly longer;

4.The length of the entire face is slightly longer than the standard length.

A long-faced hat is basically the opposite of a round face, and a high-hat top suitable for a round face should be avoided as much as possible. Neutralize by the width of the brim or choose a style that covers the forehead or the short top of the cap.

Diamond-shaped face:

1.The forehead is narrower, the same is the pointed chin, and the sacrum is wider;

2.Compared to the oval face, the lines are not so soft, especially the cheekbones and chin.

Heart-shaped face:

1.The contour features of the face are close to T shape;

2.The width of the forehead is slightly smaller than the sacrum, but larger than the mandible;

3.The ratio of face width is 3: 2. Typical features are a wide forehead and a pointed chin.

The heart-shaped face is very similar to the diamond face, the difference is that the heart-shaped face is closer to the cheekbones or larger than it. In the choice of the two hats, we should consider reducing the distance between the cheekbones visually and not making the face look too short. It is recommended to choose the medium width of the brim for the best.

Oval Face:

1.The forehead is as wide as the sacrum, and at the same time slightly wider than the lower jaw;

2.The face width is about two thirds of the face length;

3.The Third Chamber of Standards.

The oval face is basically suitable for all hats, you can choose according to your preference.

These four hats are popular this winter

Once you have figured out your face shape, you can choose your hat. To sum up the four most popular hats this winter, girls choose the right style according to their face shape!


The most classic and versatile is the black beret. As an embellishment effect, black is the most inconspicuous and easy to integrate into the color. If you feel that the pattern of the clothes is too fancy or the color of the whole body is too much, then choosing a black beret can add fashion without being obtrusive.

You can also use the same color system as the picture above, simple and handsome.

Yu Bo’s matching is simple and effortless, because the beret is very fashionable. The girls with goose-faces can also wear hats in the same way, slightly back, exposing foreheads to show beautiful lines.

Wearing it slightly to one side and wearing a fluffy hairstyle can have a good face modification effect, as well as a sense of French elegance.

The red and black match is a particularly high-end match. The texture is more gentle, and it is smart to use red to embellish the darker overall tone.

Beige berets are very suitable with retro-styled plaid coats and sweaters, which are very warm to look at.

Newsboy hat

Newsboy hats give people a sense of neutrality. This newsboy hat with literary retro tomboy style from the sixties and seventies is very popular. Under the leadership of celebrities and fashionistas this year, it can be described as a very high appearance rate. No matter what style of clothes can be matched, it will add a touch of liveliness and playfulness to you.

Bold use of contrasting colors is also one of the tricks to wear colorful clothes, as long as the main color of the body is not more than 3, if you are too obtrusive, you can use a black hat to connect as shown above.

Newsboy hat Sweatshirt and sweatpants, handsome in the sports wind, full of leisure and vitality.

The rim of the newsboy hat can distract attention from the lines of the face, and the smooth crown can weaken the curved lines of the round face.

The long coat gives you the air, and with a playful newsboy hat, it adds a young playful look to the overall look.

The checkered suit is full of vintage, the newsboy hat and suit style complement each other, and the overall shape has both a retro literary style and a sense of leisure and freedom.

Cold cap

The cold cap is the most suitable for daily dressing. The comfort of knitted fabric and the style with its own street style perfectly fit the trend of warmth and fashion in winter. Not only the casual and comfortable style, but also the mix-and-match style and the beautiful lady fan can be perfectly interpreted and become the highlight of the entire look.

The same color cold hat and coat make the shape more uniform, the bright orange color makes you more eye-catching and brings a touch of warmth to the winter.

In the cold winter, wearing a jumping bright color on the head, the whole person will look much more energetic. You can choose contrast colors to wear, but the colors must be small and fine.

Clothes and hats of the same color will not look too fancy even when they are bright.

The jacket is very handsome, with a cold cap with a fur ball, it is chic and age-reduced, and it immediately turns into a little girl ~

Furs and cold caps can also be perfect partners in winter, and cold caps add a lively feel.

Baseball cap

You can wear a baseball cap all year round, and it is a versatile item that many stars often “stick” to their heads. Its characteristic is simple and convenient, you can go out in five minutes and still be able to win the shape with it. When paired properly, you can show the style of sports and fashion, but also reduce the vitality of age.

A hoodie that can span the four seasons comes with street style and a sense of sport. It is more casual and free with a baseball cap, and it also adds a sense of layering.

The white baseball cap is simple and energetic. The embellishment with the same color turtleneck and booties instantly brightens the overall shape.

The flight jacket and camouflage pants plus the baseball cap make the street feel full.

The oversized sweater is casual and unrestrained. The double-layer method of wearing a hoodie and a baseball cap reveals the personality slogan on the baseball cap, showing the youth and street flavor.

The overall black line is both windy and handsome. The polka dot dress not only neutralizes the toughness and adds highlights, but it is also handsome and beautiful.