How to choose an outdoor hat?

The hat, which has a wide range of functions, has become one of the indispensable equipment in the outdoor. Modern outdoor hats are not only sun-proof, waterproof, but also insect-proof. Their choices are also diverse, complicated and cumbersome, and their choice and use have always troubled some people.

Based on my personal hat experience, I will share with you some ideas of using and choosing hats.

The first type, big wide brim hat:
The big brim hat is also my favorite one in summer, and it plays a very obvious role in the outdoors. I try to choose fast-drying materials instead of waterproof because I don’t think it is necessary. Waterproof is good, and the fabric of X-Breath is sultry. UV protection is a must, and it plays a significant role in long summer activities. For women who like beautiful whiteness, don’t spend that money, buy a purple-proof one.
No matter where the sun is or the top of your head, such a hat will give you all-round protection. Also prevents small animals from getting into your hair

The second type, sun hat
There are many ways to wear such hats. Generally, the hat will be placed in any position by the sun. This activity hat will not be so exaggerated in daily activities, and it will not feel different in daily life. It is the most widely used hat. Close to daily … Must choose quick-drying, try to choose one with anti-ultraviolet function.
The quick-drying fabric is light and thin, and the choice of the cap cover is soft, which is extremely convenient for storage.

The third type: knitted cap
The most commonly used hat in winter is good for carrying, and it is very warm with a fleece inside. It is no problem in the northeast at minus 30 degrees. The disadvantage is that even quick-drying is easier to get wet. On snowy days, it is better to bring one more.
If such hats are waterproof, the price of winter hats will be quite not cheap, as well as their breathability. After snowing, it is basically nonsense to talk about breathability.

The fourth type: Lei Feng hat
A kind of hat that is popular again, the warm light feels very warm.
The actual effect is that the neck and the top of the head will be very warm, and the chin will become colder because the breathing moisture is near the retention. Sometimes when wearing this hat, there will be a feeling that the face is always pulled out during exercise. Sultry, a feeling of ice and fire. Sports masks and face masks that can be matched with your face will work well.
There are also particular about buying. Buying non-artificial hair, that is, animal fur, is effective. It is recommended to use expensive mink hair and otter hair. The effect is really different, and the water vapor basically does not stay. The rex rabbit is relatively poor, but it is very good to keep warm, it is too feminine. As for dog hair and artificial hair, it is basically tide and cool.
The wool and fur are very useful in standing guards, warm and against the wind, but wool is a sweaty thing in sports, and it is a bad choice in outdoor.