How to choose sweatband woven lable when customizing hats

Generally, the sweatband woven lable will use the same fabric as the top strip, and some high-grade baseball caps, especially the finished washed baseball caps, will use the cloth and the hat itself, as a fabric for some sports performance indicators, such as sweat absorption. Oriented towel sweat band, elastic band with better elasticity, etc. Take a look at some of the categories of sweatbands in custom hats.

For individual hat customization, we will replace the double needle sweat band or reel sweat band. Of course, this can be changed according to customer requirements. Then according to the quality requirements, the weight ratio of the double needle cotton sweat band and the roll sweat band is different. There are some low-end or custom-made hat manufacturers. In order to reduce costs, they use sponge and non-woven paper to make sweat bands. The weight of sponge and non-woven paper is also different. According to cost accounting, they can cancel the sponge. Non-woven paper is also inferior; slightly better is to save the sponge, use high-gram non-woven paper: the better, replace the sponge with non-woven cotton, and replace the non-woven paper with PVC strips. The key is to match the taste of the hat itself.

The more common one is the 3CM double needle, which wraps the cloth sponge and non-woven paper on the outside, the back is burr, and the non-woven paper is exposed on both ends. Then there are four and four-needle types, with a double needle bar covering the non-woven paper on the back. There is a more sophisticated four-needle strip, which is matt on the back, but the two ends will still show non-woven paper. Perhaps the better process in this process is the four-pin strip. The back is not symmetrical and matt, but pressed on one side. On the other side, a normal 58CM baseball cap is used to calculate the cost of the sweatband on the third line, which is 6.5 meters per dozen. No back hole is about 7.2 meters per dozen. Using the method of calculating the top strip, the fabric consumption of the sweat band can be calculated.

There are many other common knowledge about hats in hat customization. Aungcrown will continue to share with you. Choose the professional aungcrown for hat customization.