How to clean the hat most scientifically

As the trend of the trend is changing every day, the flat cap is already one of the indispensable accessories for the super male super girl. But the problem is coming. There are still many friends who are not clear about the cleaning method of the flat cap. Here to share with you a method of cleaning the flat cap, no need for professional hat care tools, just a few simple steps.

Slight stain
If it is only a small small stain, such as a slight stain that is accidentally dropped on the ground while playing on the road, just wipe it off with a wet towel.

Deep stain
If it is only a large area and stains that have penetrated into the fabric, a water washing method is required.

1.Master with clear water in the place where the hat has stains

2.Put a little detergent in the stain area

3.Brush with a toothbrush, remember not to be too violent

4.The sweat belt must be cleaned, because the sweat belt is directly in contact with the skin and hair. When you wear it, the first-class sweat will be absorbed by the sweat. It will smell bad after a long time.

5.After brushing, wash off the stain with water (do not rub the cap against the faucet, as it may deform the cap at this step)

Blow dry or dry
If it is in a hurry, use a hair dryer to blow dry, if you do not hurry to dry. If you are using a hair dryer, you need to pay attention to one place. Adjust the hair dryer to the heat mode. If there is a hair dryer with a small air volume, adjust it to the minimum or the middle is worth the air volume, then let the wind of the hair dryer blow into the cap body, because the wind direction will support the cap body, use the hair dryer The heat is matched with the moisture in the hat fabric, which is equivalent to a hot cap shape. (Remember, because the hair dryer is blown into a small space for a long time, the wind direction will also come back against the defense line, so pay attention to the hand holding the hair dryer to keep a certain distance from the hat, be careful to burn it!)

Supporting cap
If there is no cap support, this method can be used instead of the cap support, and the deformed hat is pulled out of the cap. The method is very simple, using a newspaper to pinch into a sphere. Then adjust the adjustment buckle of the hat to the size of the cap that is usually worn, and then insert the spherical newspaper into the cap. Leave it for more than 24 hours.

Remove the wool
In the final step, this method can be used regularly even when the hat is not cleaned. Because the hat is usually taken out when the hat is taken out, the organ is not stained or stained. If you bring the hat out, you will be contaminated with small dust or clothes such as small wool. Then you can use adhesive tape to remove the dust and small yarn from the surface of the hat.

1.Remove the adhesive tape of about 15cm length

2.The front and back ends of the adhesive tape with the rubber surface are attached together to form a circle.

3.Put the round adhesive tape into the middle finger and the ring finger

4.Tap on the surface of the hat and use adhesive tape to stand the dust and small wool on the surface of the hat.

After completing the above steps, the stained hat has been cleaned! The hat is restored to Fresh and clean! But you still need to protect your hat, do not wear it when you exercise or sweat, try to reduce the number of times you need to clean! (Note: as long as it is a cotton cloth and acrylic material, you can clean it. Note that if it is wool or other special material, it is not suitable for this method.)