How to match the best winter hat

This year, such hats on the street have been relatively rare, but the favorite baseball cap is blowing-the arc of the wind and the long arc. In autumn, the momentum of this baseball cap is not weak, almost occupying the edge of various servers in autumn, winter and autumn! The most common is with a variety of sweaters and hats, without hats, who can easily create a casual dress style.

Baseball caps give people a sense of relaxation, so except for a sweater, everyday casual wear can be well held, and the weather is very cold, like Tang Yan, a cotton coat, with rosy lips when wearing a black coat. ~ Can also be used to bring winter essential jackets, with jeans and boots, casual chic. Coupled with sneakers, even cool leather can be paired well. After passing the dress of the Aidou baseball uniform, I found that black baseball caps are very popular because they all match. As long as the baseball caps have the right color, everyday casual clothes are very good, and black is the best matching color. Occurrence rate is high. So if you don’t know what color to choose, you can choose a black one ~! If you think black is too stuffy, then choose other colors of hats, you may wish to use the same product color matching, the body will be more coordinated. Zhu Dan wore a white baseball cap, white sweater and feet on white shoes. In addition, in law, in addition to wearing a baseball cap, there is a very popular anti-wearing method.

Elegant beret, I don’t know if you have heard of it, but you must know what it is, when we look at foreign troops, soldiers wear berets. Yes, I wear a beret every day, so this is a very important temperament and spirit, with a sense of elegance! What is the new beret, but it becomes popular every winter, and this year is no exception! Tide full baseball uniform jacket, with cool beret ~ Song Qian when going to the airport some time ago, wearing one-piece wide-leg pants + baseball jacket, with beret.
Fedora always has a feminine soft, wide brim, woolen fabric, and a sense of security in winter, we also use it with sweaters. Wang Ziwen wore a long gray coat with high heels and a domed fedora. Fedoras are also handsome with leather, and there are different customs for dressing.

Fall and winter hats with style
The woolen hat is really cute, if you want a warm and lovely feeling in winter, choose a woolen hat, this is a plus. You can also wear it every year, for example, last year, this pointed head hat was popular, tall and cute. This year, it’s more of a falling wool hat … most street shots are so bold, but it’s a slightly exaggerated wool hat, I think it’s hard for you to accept … to order fresh, gray and red stitching wool hat Not too cute, black with sweater + black leggings + brown cesir boots, trendy texture. In addition, the wool hat should be more special, love beans add cute elements. Yang Mi recently wore this youthful smiley face with a cute feeling, from a hat to a sweater to middle socks, this wool knitted fabric gives a good sense of warmth.