How to match the color of the hat and clothes

The first is matching with the same color. It is simply understood that the color of the hat is the same as the clothing. The purpose of this is to make people look harmonious from head to toe. If you choose a white hat, it is matched with black clothing. Suddenly, if it is a gray hat with black clothes, it seems to have a strong sense of hierarchy.

The same color system: The color of the hat can be the same color system as clothing, shoes, bags and other colors, which means that if the hat is black, the neutral colors of black, gray, brown and black belong to the same color system.

Color Matching: The bright colors in the hat can echo the colors of clothing or shoes and bags. It is the bright color of a small area on the hat, which can be the same as the bright color of clothes or scarf bags, or the bright color of a large area of ​​hats with clothes, and the bright color of a small area of ​​scarf bags. Do not be two single product colors the same.

Contrast: The color of the hat forms a strong contrast with the overall wear. Pink, red, orange and those with exaggerated patterns reflect a striking and personality.

Simple and monochrome clothes can be matched with flower hats. Do not wear clothes with flower hats. The overall feeling will cause a strong conflict with vision.

Patterned clothes with plain hats, the same principle as monochrome clothes with pattern hats.

If you are a girl, it is recommended that you bring a pair of earrings of the same color while wearing a hat.