How to match winter fashion hats

The afterglow of autumn is still there, and winter is coming as scheduled. A bit of cold wind blew on his face and felt like something was missing. What’s missing? Naturally, it is a hat that can protect against wind and cold and improve taste. This article will recommend several hat styles that are popular in winter, and discuss the matching clothing to make you look dignified and fashionable. Of course, we will also give you advice on which types of hats you should try to avoid. Let’s take a look at the most popular hat styles this winter:

First, the beanie urinal
The size of this kind of knitted hat should be moderate, the most important thing is that there must be a certain gap between the top of the head and the top of the hat. The perfect beanie should also have a curl on the forehead.
The larger size beanie needs to rest on the hat stand this winter. And there are some very thin knitted hats that not everyone can control. If you like this kind of hat, then you must have a perfect baby face.

It is also important to pay attention not to buy hats with fluff balls. Such hats are difficult to match for the beauties who have already joined the industry, and they can not be shaped in accordance with their status. .

How to choose a scarf with a hat?

If hats and scarves are knitted from the same kind of yarn and the same color, try to avoid old styles and the same knitted styles.

Second, leather berets or tough berets

These berets can be used with a variety of coats. Leather berets look chic and stylish with leather jackets or classic style fur coats.

Which berets should you avoid buying?
Decorated berets: flowers, embroidery, beads and rhinestones. Such berets look old-fashioned and can’t keep up with the times.

Three, turban-style hat

For this type of hat, it’s important to choose a neutral base color and minimalist style. As a result, your image will become unusually stylish and unusual.
This knitted turban-style hat with a classic classic coat looks really great.

Fourth, the Panama hat

For those who are too lazy to follow fashion trends, the Panama hat is a good choice.

Panama winter hats are usually made of wool and are often worn with jackets. In fact, Panama hats can also be worn with coats.

Five, leather hat

The leather hat that has faded out of people’s field of vision for a long time has become one of the fashion wear trends this winter, it is really amazing! Sure enough, it was Hedong for 30 years, and Hexi for 30 years. I have found out the old friends I no longer know from the bottom of the cabinet.

These hats can be worn with fluffy jackets, down jackets, short sheepskin jackets and coats. But if you want to wear this hat in a fur coat, you must strictly adhere to these two simple principles:If the color of the hat and fur coat is the same, then they must be different fur.

1.If it is the same fur, then they must be different colors.

2.The same color or the same fur is a taboo choice, this look looks very old fashioned and not fashionable enough.

Above is our winter fashion hat and clothing matching plan. If you like it, please contact us.