Snapback Hat Vs Baseball Hat, Which Style Do You Like?

Any wardrobe regardless of the owner has a hat or two sitting on the shelf for that hot summer day, or when it’s just too late in the morning and there is no time to throw on some gel to tame the hair. There are many types of hats out there in the marker, but probably the most famous is the baseball hats and snapbacks. They may look the same for the untrained eye, but they are actually quite different and are not to be confused with each other.

In this article, we will be looking at the differences between baseball hats and snapbacks, as well as the general crowd that prefers these types of hats.With so many cap styles, it’s not surprising that one of the frequently asked questions we get from our customers is about the difference between snapbacks and baseball hats.

Such as the difference people always say:

Angle almost an angle of 90° between the cap and the brim of the snapback there is more an obtuse angle

Panel The front panel of the snapback is pre-shaped and hard. A design on a snapback is thereby very visible. The panel of the baseball cap is soft and not pre-shaped.

Closure The closure of a snapback is made from plastic The baseball hat has a metallic closure, Snapbacks are more known in the baseball scene, adopted by the hiphop scene, and later by the EDM scene.

Baseball hats are vintage caps, like the word says: dads use to wear it. The baseball hat is a never-ending trend and fits everyone.

But what is the biggest difference between a snapback and a baseball cap in the cap factory? You can find the answer below.

Snapbacks are most commonly known as flat hats and are quite popular among athletes, teenagers, and sports lovers. On the other hand, baseball hats are commonly known as dad hats because of their popularity amongst dads and obviously, truckers. So what is actually different between both hats? Well, the difference might be subtle, but you’d be surprised by the sheer amount of differences that are present.

In the cap factory, a snapback hat is 6 panel cap or 5 panel cap (whatever) with a wide, flat brim and a top button. They are fitted with an adjustable snap on the backwards, which makes it ‘one size fits all’.

Baseball caps are either unconstructed as floppy caps or held together by a buckram button at the top. The biggest style variation is the stiff bill or peak, which is either flat (popular in hip-hop) or curved like the baseball“dad”hat.

Brim angle: the first feature that characterizes baseball hats and snapbacks is the brim sticking out to provide shade and aesthetic appeal. The snapbacks brim has an almost 90 degrees angle which gives a lot of visibility to the front section of the hat, while on the other hand, baseball hats have a more curved brim which makes the hat look much smaller compares to snapbacks.

Main panel: For snapback hats, the hats panel is relatively hard compared to baseball hats, and is pre-shaped so it doesn’t yield and can maintain its form for much longer. The baseball hat, on the other hand, has a much softer panel and isn’t pre-shaped. This difference allows for snapbacks to show more of the design and some people think it’s more fashionable.

Hat closure material: Even though both hats have an adjustable closure which makes them accessible to people with different sizes, the material is different. Snapbacks have a has a closure made off plastic which isn’t very durable compared to the metallic closure of baseball hats.

Style and appeal: as we mentioned before, baseball hats are known as dad hats and are really popular amongst the older demographic. The great thing about baseball hats that its style would never get old and has a style that fits anyone. The snapback style though is more popular in the basketball scene and recently has seen increased popularity amongst the hip-hop and EDM crowds. The design and prints on snapbacks are becoming more of a fashion statement than just a hat, and people tend to try and show off more of the designs and different stickers.

Regardless of what style you’re looking for, or the look you desire, both hats can fit the bill and will surely do their part when it comes to completing or complementing an outfit or a uniform. The most important thing is to sport whatever you fancy as cool, stylish and fitting to your personality.

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