What are the benefits of wearing a hat in winter

The human head is the site of the nerve center of the brain. The head is the meeting of Zhuyang. Although the skin on the head is thin, the blood vessels and hairs are both thick and thick. Therefore, the body often evaporates a lot from the head. When the temperature is about 15C, the human body emits about 1/3 of the speed from the head; when the speed is about 4C, the human body transfers about 1/2 of the body and radiates from the head; and when the temperature is about minus 10C, there will actually be 3/4 If a person just wears a few extra clothes without wearing a hat, it is like hot water without covering the plug, and the heat will continuously exceed the “output”.

Wearing a hat in the winter can even keep you warm, and you must also avoid colds, coughs, headaches, facial paralysis (ie, eyes and eyes), and other diseases.

One is conducive to keeping warm.
The human head also needs to be kept warm (easy to dissipate heat), and a hat is also needed to keep warm. The material of the winter hat can be wool, woolen cloth, or a hoodie of a down jacket. It has to be thicker anyway to keep warm.
The second is conducive to health.
If you are cold, you will inevitably cause constriction of the cerebral blood vessels, and you will feel dizzy, headache, and severely accidental.
The third is beautiful functions.
If you buy a beautiful, stylish hat, there is a dialect that says “scratch your head, scratch your head”. The head can beautify the hat!
The fourth is the protection function.
With a cap on your head, the cap can “buffer” in case of a slight rub. If there is a falling object and a hat to block it.