What are the types of hats

Have you noticed when choosing a hat? In fact, there are many types of hats. When shopping in a mall, we may only choose them based on the appearance of the hat. However, when shopping online, we usually need to do it according to the type of hat. Choose the conditions and come down to aungcrown to introduce to you what types of hats there are.

It can be seen from the 10 categories of hat net’s website that hats can be roughly divided into 10 categories, but in fact this is determined according to the design and requirements of the website. There may be dozens of actual hat types if subdivided.

Baseball cap
Baseball caps are the ones we see most often, and they are a versatile type of hat. We will see the corresponding baseball caps in any season, whether it is sports series or fashion series. There are also many brands that produce baseball caps. Generally speaking, as long as a company that produces hats will definitely have baseball caps.

Wool cap
The woolen hats are mostly used as warm hats in winter. The woolen hats are mostly knitted, so the style of the hats is very fashionable, and it is also a white effect in winter.
sun visor hat
The sun hat is a very broad concept from the name, because there are many hats in the sun hat, and the hats that can shade the sun should be included in the sun hat. However, the sun hat we usually refer to is that the perimeter of the hat is large and the overall sunshade effect is very good. For example, a beach hat with a large brim is a typical sun hat. At the same time, a sun hat is also called a sun hat. Because the main purpose of most sun hats is to shade.
Top hat
Hats were introduced to China from the West a long time ago. At that time, people were wearing suits and hats as a symbol of status. However, with the development and progress of the times, after improvements and redesigns, hats have added many novelties. Style and fashion elements make the overall hat more suitable for the development of the trend.
The origin of the beret was originally from the flat top. Even now some flat top are still wearing berets. For example, some female soldiers wear berets. Now some fashionable people will choose berets for decoration. Yourself. The style of the beret belongs to the wild style, and the overall design is very fashionable and avant-garde.
In addition to the types of hats mentioned above, there are peaked caps, tennis hats, fisherman hats, cowboy hats, rattan hats, and camouflage hats.