What material is good for knitted hats

Knitted hat materials are as diverse as the types. Common materials are wool hats and velvet knitted hats. The wool used for woolen hats usually refers to the yarn spun from wool. There are also threads spun from different types of chemical fiber materials, such as acrylic fiber, polyester fiber, and cotton. Different types of wool products only need a lighter and can be roughly distinguished. come out. Plush knitted hats are usually selected from cashmere or imitation cashmere.

When the cotton thread burns, it will have a smell of burning paper. The flame is orange, blue smoke, the yarn does not shrink and melt, and it can continue to burn when leaving the fire source. There is a small amount of gray powder, the powder is soft, and the hand is light. As soon as they hit the fans.

100% WOOL
When approaching the source of fire, the wool will immediately curl, slowly dissolve, the flame is orange, there is a smoke smell of burning hair, the particles are shiny and irregularly shaped, and they are loose, crisp and rough. .

Close to the flame, first melt and shrink, then melt, smoke, and slowly burn; the flame is yellowish white, and continues to burn when it leaves the flame, sometimes extinguishes itself; odor: special aromatic sweetness; residue characteristics: hard black beads.

Close to the flame: melting; Contacting flame: melting, smoking; leaving the flame: self-extinguishing; odor: amino taste; residue characteristics: hard light brown transparent beads.

Acrylic fiber: close to the flame: melted; contact with the flame: melted, smoke; leave the flame: continue to burn, smoke black; odor: spicy; residue characteristics: black irregular beads, fragile.

Polypropylene fiber: close to the flame: melting; contact with the flame: melting and burning; leaving the flame: continuing to burn; odor: paraffin; residue characteristics: off-white hard transparent beads

Cashmere refers specifically to cashmere. It is a thin layer of fine cashmere that grows on the outer epidermal layer of goats and hides at the roots of goat hair. It grows when it is cold in winter, resists wind and cold, and falls off after warming in the spring, and naturally adapts to the climate. Cashmere only grows on goats.

Many people call sheep’s cashmere-like fine wool similar to cashmere. In fact, sheep do not have cashmere. Cashmere is actually a high-quality wool.

It is a thread made of acrylic by special treatment to make it have the smooth, soft and elastic feel of natural cashmere, and has the excellent dyeing performance of acrylic, which is called imitation cashmere. This product has more vivid colors than natural cashmere. However, in actual wear, it is still impossible to get rid of the static electricity problem of acrylic.

Rabbit plush
Fine villi at the base of rabbit hair. Non-fleece fibers are fine, with a strong velvet feel, the surface scales are neat and clean, the softness of cashmere is concentrated, and the advantages of silky waxy smoothness. In addition, rabbit cashmere fibers are a medullary cavity layer with a porous structure. It is also better than other natural fibers and has the health care properties of skin care. Now there are colorful rabbit down, the price is much more expensive than ordinary rabbit down.