What’s the difference between custom thermal transfer printing and silk screen printing

Many friends want to make printing on their hats, but how much do you know about printing? Printing is generally divided into thermal transfer and silk screen printing, so we should choose thermal printing or silk screen printing? Let’s look at their differences together:

First: From a technical point of view, screen printing requires complex processes such as color separation, color correction, publishing, screen making, plate printing, and drying. The use of professional equipment requires manual production by personnel, which is highly dependent on personnel and requires It takes longer than thermal transfer and is the mainstream printing method used in industrialization! Digital thermal transfer is a new technology that appears in order to meet the development of personalized market and consumer demand for personalized products. The printing form is plateless printing, which is easy to operate and can be produced by a single person and a short production time. Can be done very quickly.

Second: From the perspective of printing effect: due to the color separation process of the silk screen, there are restrictions on the color, and it is not possible to produce gradient colors or complex colors; while digital thermal transfer input direct printing technology is not limited by the type of color and color saturation There is also a qualitative difference from color reproduction.

Third: From the perspective of the targeted hat market: traditional screen printing can be customized in small batches due to technical limitations; digital thermal transfer applies digital printing technology to print color patterns and images without platemaking, saving the platemaking process and Cost, suitable for producing original patterns, large quantities, high quality hats that require large area printing. But the choice of thermal transfer or silk screen to customize the hat, the effects of both are different, in the end you still need to choose which one is your favorite.

Finally, if you do n’t know anything about thermal transfer and silk screen, you can talk to us privately, or you can find aungcrown to customize your own printing craft hat.